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Review on The White Spaces Show by Robiul Islam

Great place to indoctrinate yourself.


The White Spaces Show is truly a great financial media that gives us remarkable value in outstanding ideas and experiences through its video content. Video content can be a great way to learn. There are videos that demonstrate skills and talk about topics in engaging ways.

I would like to thank Revain for introducing us to a wonderful media. It gives ideas to the common people like us about innovation, DeFi, Blockchain, Crypto and many more. Additionally it can help you create and launch your own startup or solve your business problems through consulting.

Those who are invited to this show are experienced in different fields, their blockchain industry experience and established network experiences can help you strategize your DeFf product concept into a fixed zero concept in real world product or service. New episodes are constantly being released on this show which is available for viewing on website, hopefully this trend will continue.

Overview about White Spaces.

Anyone can have access to The White Spaces Show whenever they want to have it. No matter where you are in the world, you can access the videos (Episodes) that are uploaded without even the need to have a account created. We can explore videos highlighting specialists discussing topics pointed toward getting us to ponder the enormous thoughts and core skills that characterize information in the 21st century.

Innovativeness is the fuel of new businesses. Without innovation, your item won't stand out, and your startup will look and act like the wide scope of different companies in your class. If you are interested in creativity and how to make a startup, by then episode of Ruslan Mahhov will be incredibly significant for you. Which is accessible on White Spaces site.

I just followed this show and watched all the episodes I like Eberhard Scheuer's episode the most. It contains a lot of information, especially COVID-19 and I can say without hesitation that I became a fan of Pavel Jakovlev and The White Spaces Show. Pavel Yakovlev is a well known and creative person who is hosting The White Spaces Show. His presentation and communication skills are truly admirable.

The White Spaces Show presents a set of unique reasons to watch it and keeps bringing value to their audience. Pavel Jakovlev interviews with probably the most energizing innovators, business people, and creatives in the world and others to discover what goes on in the background of their excursion and how the thing they do is helping shape our reality. The show offers itemized, genuine profiles of notable individuals.

Not extremely well known at this point.

This is a new show with only 37 episodes (On Youtube) including promos and some short interviews and at the time of writing my review, the show has only 81 subscribers (On their YouTube channel). So we can't call it a popular media in any way. But I'm hopeful that The White Spaces Show will become a breakthrough with more episodes ahead and more subscribers. They haven’t been a big media yet, but I really appreciate their work.

Why you should follow White Spaces?

We always get ideas from experienced people and their real experiences before I start anything new, White Spaces is a show that aims to talk to experts about innovation and great ideas, where it is possible to start something new by applying the real experience of the experts and the ideas given by them, then why don't we follow it?


It can add a ton of value, creates and advances online conversation additionally It encourages the improvement of note taking abilities. Although this is just the beginning for White Spaces, there is no way it can be done without good content. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in financial media so if you want to survive here, you must always be active with valuable content. I hope that through integration with Revain The White Spaces Show will move forward and I hope to see more episodes soon.

Well, that’s all my elaboration, I would highly recommend it to everyone, this is a media where you can learn about several topics in one place, at least watch an episode I'm sure everyone will like it. Revain and White Spaces are giving iPhone 12 through competition right now, get a little idea about the White Spaces show to win it.

I hope you enjoy the review and have a idea about The White Spaces Show.

Pros & cons

  • The White Spaces Show is a great way to open your mind to a variety of things and help learn about topics.
  • It can be a positive and enjoyable experience if you watch it.
  • The show covers a lot of topics that are really helpful.
  • It gives you a great amount of ideas and opportunities to be interested.
  • It's a great show to learn about innovation from experts and to learn about their real experiences.
  • The website is arranged in a simple way from which it is very easy to access the episodes.
  • It's a medium where you don't have to pay anything.
  • It has some valuable content.
  • It can provide more knowledge and greater insight.
  • More episodes are needed to make the show popular.
  • Couldn't attract a large audience.