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A global style destination for kids, AlexandAlexa is the leading e-tailer that specialises in kids’ fashion, toys, school and homeware. Boasting a label stable of high fashion designers as well as fledgling boutique brands, AlexandAlexa.com offers parents a one-stop premium shop when shopping for babies all the way up to teens. Since launching in 2007, our relatively young company has fast become a pioneer in the designer childrenswear market. We have a naturally entrepreneurial workforce, which reflects in everything from our campaign photography to the way we handle our deliveries. The creation of our parenting broadsheet, The Lexem, and our pivotal role working with charity Kids Company to launch Global Kids Fashion Week has lead British Vogue to praise our ‘innovative marketing approach’.

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AlexAndAlexer Company has all yours kids choice

AlexAndAlexer AlexAndAlexer is a London based company that was established in the year 2007. AlexAndAlexer Company is specialized on exclusive clothing styles for baby, kids and teenager. This company also sell different fashionable toys…See full review

AlexAndAlexer is an exceptional quality and appropriate piece.

AlexAndAlexer works in great clothing styles for kids, teens and teens. The organization sells extra style toys, school regalia and fun home clothes. In this scene, you can make your baby happy by wearing a beautiful costume. With this store you…See full review

AlexAndAlexa is a great shop.

Hello everyone. My review today is about a wonderful online store called Alexandalexa. This store is a great store offering a variety of wonderful new baby clothes, baby toys and various baby products. With this store you can decorate your child…See full review

Review on AlexAndAlexa

Hello to all of you today I will transfer the knowledge and experience I have gained about AlexAndAlexa in this review, I recommend you to read it to the end. AlexAndAlexa company was established in 2007.The company sells a variety of products for…See full review

My review on Alex and Alexa.

yyWe all want the best when it comes to our children. Alex and Alexa promises you with the best brands for your child's products. Boys, girls, babies and grown children can get whatever they like from this store. Traditional, classic, playful and…See full review

Make your kids happy

AlexandAlexa is a company that sells a wide variety of products for babies and children. You can buy toys, shoes, various educational toys and much more from this website. What I like most about this website is that they have categorized all…See full review

Kids and clothing

My review today will be about alexandalexa, its a company that sells children wears. The company was established in 2007, I think they named the company after their children, the company has gained so much recognition and won many awards. Quality…See full review

the Alexa and alexa company the best fashion retail store

good day to everyone on this platform. the company i will be talking about is called alexa and alexa company. so i went on further research to know more about the Alexa and alexa company and found out about the following concerning the company. so…See full review

Outlet of famous designers for children

Parents love to dress up their children. And it becomes nice if the products are from a famous brand or designer. But sometimes the prices are high and it is not always possible to buy. Outlets come to the rescue here. AlexandAlexa is a good…See full review

Good company where you can buy many different products for your child or baby.

AlexAndAlexa is a baby and children's products store that entered the sector it serves approximately 14 years ago and has been selling many innovations and different kinds of products until now. I have to say that this company, whose headquarters…See full review