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Baby, Kids and Teenagers

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Description of PatPat

PatPat was founded by InterFocus INC in 2014 for moms and their kids. Each day, we launch new clothing styles and limited time deals. We work directly with top product manufacturers to negotiate the lowest possible prices on the latest high-quality baby clothing, family matching outfits, accessories, home goods, and more.


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Type of review

Hello, friends. I will now speak in this review about the PatPat company selling baby clothes. This company is one of the most beautiful companies and one of the most favorite companies of parents because it offers features that satisfy all types of society. These features are that it uses high quality fabrics and does not cause any harm to children's skin, it also contains diverse and beautiful designs and models suitable for all children, in addition to it offers very cheap prices for the…

  • This company uses the finest fabrics in the design of children's clothing.
  • Goods are shipped everywhere .
  • nothing.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Hello there. My review for today is about PatPat. PatPat to a US-based platform created in 2014. Owned by a store created in 1999, this platform was created to sell the store's products online almost anywhere in the world. Its creation by the company InterFocus has also had a great impact on the platform's popularity among people, because InterFocus is a very big and famous company. The main purpose of the platform is to deliver the best quality products for babies to their homes. Considering

  • The fact that it was created by a big and famous company helped the platform to become famous in a short time.
  • Large customer community and customer satisfaction
  • Products are of good quality and lead times are short
  • I haven't seen a product for this platform before

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A global shopping platform

PatPat is a shopping website that has been serving in this sector for more than 7 years and appeals to children and women. It operates based in England. My favorite part of the PatPat online shopping site is that it serves its customers with numerous events and promotions. Last December, we were looking for different clothes for my newborn daughter. We found beautiful clothes in PatPat that we could not find in many places. Actually, I was very hesitant…

  • They guarantee high quality
  • You can pay with the secure payment system 3D secure
  • You can subscribe to their newsletter for private sales
  • The quality of the products is top notch
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review about PatPat

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about PatPat. PatPat was created in 1999 in America. PatPat, which initially only worked with stores, has started to make online sales by opening a website in recent years and to grow rapidly globally. It has a decent number of customers on this platform with all kinds of everyday products for mothers and babies. Customers' feedback on this platform is also positive. Sales are made on both the website and the mobile application. It is possible to…

  • Suitable events are available for newly registered customers
  • Customers can register easily, and free delivery is also provided under some conditions.
  • Shopping on the site is very simple, and each product is placed in separate sections, so it is very easy to find the product you want.
  • There is 24/7 customer support to answer questions about products
  • There is also a mobile application
  • No bad side

PatPat was created by InterFocus INC in 2014 for mothers and children. New dress styles and limited-time contracts are shipped every day. It is directly worked with the highest cost manufacturers to suit the highest quality baby clothes, family clothes, decorations, household items and from there clean the sky. It can be said that most of these clothes are of the highest quality made of cotton and other simple materials. To adjust the price, Naira can exchange cash and be very surprised at the

  • They provide the highest level
  • No flaws

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best online store with children's clothing

Very cool store. It is not the first year that I have been buying children's things here. We had a New Years' photoshoot, and I bought them family bow tie pajama sets for the whole family. I needed to be delivered urgently, and they came to my situation and sent my package in 3 days. They have many shops where you can buy great things at a good price. I'm glad I found this store. I haven't seen such good quality and at such low prices for a long time. And here you can even find clothes for your

  • The best online store
  • Didn't see the downsides

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review on PatPat.

PatPat Founded in 2014, it created a marketing platform for mothers and made deals for their families and for themselves to take advantage of the time and not to spend large sums. Their goods were characterized by kindness and quality without losing large sums and acceptable prices suitable for all members of society in order to provide clothes for the whole family. Enjoy high quality, distinctive designs that make you enjoy marketing and your Joy believes in you dress stylishly distinct for…

  • This company has an easy-to-use website
  • Nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PatPat is a great trading platform.

Hello everyone. Today I am writing about the PatPat project. PatPat is one of the great pioneering projects created in 1999 in America. At first, the project only worked with stores, but in recent years it has launched a great website and launched a new idea of ​​online sales, which has been able to be selected very quickly in the world. The platform is increasing the number of its customers by offering new and affordable products for mothers and babies every day. The sale of this platform is…

  • They have good goods.
  • It is possible to trade online.
  • The goods they offer are convenient.
  • No.

The PatPat project, founded in 1999, 23 years ago, in the United States, was originally run only by stores. He then opened a website and became involved in online shopping and became very popular in the sale of children's and women's clothing around the world. PatPat's website is developed in mobile applications. We can also say that it is organizing various activities to attract and increase the number of customers. The fact that they always have a customer support team to answer customer…

  • PatPat's website is developed in mobile applications.
  • Customers can easily sign up and in some cases have free delivery.
  • Called the FASHION Home, this PatPat is officially well-organized.
  • Approximately eleven different languages ​​are used in one way to introduce this platform.
  • Although such an opportunity has been created for customers, it is only for women, or for children.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Patpat, the Perfect shop for Moms and Children

A Mom and Child Online retail shop, providing their basic fashion needs was what made Patpat to be built into what I can say is a remarkable work of Two affecting the population. Patpat Marketplace is focused on one line of product, Fashion wears for kids and moms. This wears can be seen to be of high quality standard, many made of cotton fabric and also are very cheap. In order to align the price with my fiat, I changed currency to Naira and I was quite surprised at the low cost of items they

  • First time signups to the online store gets a whooping 10% off their first purchase
  • Free shipping for making a purchase of 45,000 Naira or it's equivalent in other currencies. This makes it a good deal, getting a foreign product in Nigeria without having to pay extras as fees
  • The website is easy to navigate, the mobile application, even better
  • High Quality products, very extreme low costs and crazy discounts (I even saw one with 63% off)
  • With PatPat association with a third party, users can get to pay in installments with no extra charges
  • I am yet to see one though I will be looking at the delivery time it will take

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Patpat is an online store for mothers and kiddies

Patpat is an online store that was established by two friends namely Albert Wang and Ken Gao in 2014. The store is majorly for mothers, children and new arrivals. A lot users have made a lot of positive comments online concerning their customer service, shipping and many other important factors. As a first time user, i was really impressed to have a positive first experience logging into the website with a simple email which qualified me for 10% diacount off anything I purchase. I was…

  • They have very quality chldren stuff
  • Good customer service
  • Shipping is fast and buying up to a particular amount qualifies one for free shipping
  • Offers good selection of clothing for children and mothers
  • The store is specific to children and mother only clothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5


I will start with by commending the team behind the platform for give it what it take to make the platform looks the way it is presently. To be honest i am really happy and appreciate effort put in place that shows the team behind the platform mean business. Apart from the good looking platform and provide the needed tool for shopping online, this can be mere picture if the user do not understand what was written on the platform. It has many languages that can be access which make more users…

  • It has a lot of verities to choose from, from baby and kids to mum.
  • Many years of experience
  • It has a competitive price
  • The platform has many languages which make it more competitive among other platform
  • User friendly
  • Notice nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Review of the PatPat platform

Hello everyone, friends. Today I am going to tell you about the Pat Pat successful shopping website. This PatPat site was founded in 2014 by InterFocus INC for mothers and children. They also work directly with manufacturers to negotiate the highest quality baby clothes, family-friendly clothing, accessories, as well as household goods, as well as the lowest possible prices. In addition, the use of the PatPat program is made easier. Anyone wishing to do so can download the app to their personal

  • All goods are available at affordable prices.
  • The design is very nicely placed
  • I recommend this platform to everyone.
  • I didn’t see the downside.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It is a platform with many campaigns and payment options.

PatPat is a very successful shopping website that was established quite a long time ago, about 7 years from today. Many campaigns, events and organizations are organized on this site. For example, you can buy products with 50% discount right now under the name of shopping day. This campaign, which remains available for a certain period of time, will expire. However, there is always a lot of activity. Both the language options offered and the variety of currencies offered are truly unlimited.

  • There are many events and shopping campaigns.
  • There are many language options and currency options.
  • There are many payment options.
  • It has an application available on phones.
  • They are very active in social media and have a wide variety of social media.
  • There is nothing negative.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

PatPat all over the world.

Founded in 2014, it contains high-quality products, great designs and cute kids. It also contains a phone application that everyone can download and use as this application is easy to use. When I opened the application, I found that all the prices of clothes and tools related to children are suitable and low, this company offers competitive prices and satisfies all parents during shopping, and it also delivers all students super fast and without any problem, and also has a customer service team

  • Nice designs.
  • Fabric guaranteed and harmless to baby skin
  • Cheap and competitive prices
  • No negative stuff.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


One of the reason i love online shopping is that it is convenience, because you can sit at the comfort of you home and but whatever you want. I do appreciate this platform especial during the time of pandemic that movement was restricted. Though it may be filtrated at time if the online shopping platform fail to do the needful. I love Patpat online shopping platform because of leaving up to expectation. My reasons was stated below. The official platform was well arranged, before registration i

  • It is convenient
  • It cover wide countries
  • Well designed platform
  • Flash sale
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Transparency
  • It has long list of the countries it covers
  • Multi language platform
  • Needed tool made available for online shopping
  • Different methods of payment
  • Live chat should be anaible