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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of BERKUT Specialist JSL-12000 black

From BERKUT - a special lithium-polymer type starter-charger for emergency engine start! The lithium-polymer type starter-charger is designed for emergency start of the vehicle''s engine in case of a faulty battery. The device is suitable for all types of vehicles with a voltage of 12V on-board network, and also serves to recharge and operate a wide range of mobile equipment and electronics from the built-in connectors: USB 5V, 12 and 19V. The JSL-12000 starter charger is recommended for all types of vehicles with petrol engines up to 3500 cc. and diesel up to 2000 cm3 A portable starting device for a car is not a luxury, but a necessity, every car owner should have such a unit! Severe Russian winters dictate their own rules, they interfere with the normal functioning of the engine and machine components in cold weather. Often, under such conditions, batteries are discharged, and this happens at a very inopportune moment, when you urgently need to go on business. Starting systems will help to start a cold engine and not “land” the battery. Additional and important functions of the ROM: Powerful LED flashlight with three modes of operation: holding the ROM button for a long time allows you to turn on the LED lantern. After the flashlight is turned on, with the help of single presses on the power button, you can change the flashlight modes to constant, flashing and SOS signal. Possibility of charging at home or from a car: adapters for charging from a 220V household network and a 12V car on-board network are included. High-capacity PowerBank with fast charging function for mobile devices: a universal adapter cable with plugs is included: Micro-USB, iPhone4/iPad , iPhone5-6/iPad. Features:Compact Lithium Polymer Battery Starter & ChargerModern impact-resistant hard plastic caseCharges from auto or household battery Starts petrol and diesel enginesSafely starts fully discharged or low voltage batteriesLarge-capacity powerbank with fast charging function for mobile devicesPowerful LED flashlight with three operating modesMode indicators operation Detachable terminals with protection against overheating, reverse polarity, overcharge / overdischarge, short circuit Storage bag with a set of adapters and adapters for mobile devices Wide temperature range from -40oС to +60oС * When choosing a device model, follow the recommendations for compliance with the type and power of the vehicle engine * It is recommended to charge the device at least once a week or before a trip. Complete set: BERKUT SPECIALIST - starting device. Power cable with screw terminals - 1 pc. Adapter for charging from a 12V cigarette lighter and a 220V network - 1 pc. Universal cable for charging mobile devices from the USB output - 1 pc. A set of adapters for connecting and charging laptops - Micro-USB, iPhone4/iPad, iPhone5-6/iPad


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

Second-rate goods, I wont buy any more.

Helped to start the car exactly twice in relatively warm weather in the fall. In winter, after the car was idle for several days, when I really needed it and there was no one to light it at a distance of 25 km, I simply clicked the relay in the cable with crocodiles and winked three charging lights at 75%. I do not recommend to buy. At the right time, you will remain freezing by the car with a charged device in your hands.

  • It has no obvious advantages over competitors, the device is like a device. The storage bag is convenient, there are many adapters.
  • Reliability

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am amazed! It was definitely worth the money!

Cool launcher. It charges from zero to full - in 6 hours. And with a 3.5 liter engine from one charge at a temperature of -15 -20 degrees, you can start 10 times. In my opinion, this is great. If the temperature is about 0, then you can start and start. In general, I am delighted with such a reliable device! Pros below: BERKUT is a great launcher! I tried others with friends, but they were less powerful, for 1-2 launches I planted them in the winter for the guys. The same model for my 3.5 liter

In winter, I rarely use a car, so the battery loses capacity in the cold and it is not always possible to start the engine. Decided to buy this device. I've used it several times already, both with a dead battery and with a completely discharged one. In all cases, the engine started, but only in the “Boost” mode (without it, when trying to start, the dashboard completely went out). Motor 1.6. I also tried to charge the phone with a battery discharged to 20%. After charging the phone, the…

  • Compact size Ease of connection Can be used as Powerbank Quality build Convenient case
  • I won’t say that this is a drawback, but there is a possibility that while carrying a case in your hand, you can accidentally press the power button several times, the flashlight will work and drain the battery (there was such a case, since I decided to look at the charge in advance, the flashlight was on, the battery was 25% charged) . The Boost button is very small and slightly recessed, in good frost it is not always clear whether it was pressed or not.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

I was surprised by the reviews of the buyers, who for some reason did not fit the product, and they are like: "Well, Okay, I will use it as a flashlight" ! Tin! Buy a device for that kind of money and . use a flashlight. Damn, I'm clearly missing something :-) I have a lot of Akum sitting down in cold weather (it reaches 10 units, and maybe even more discharged, depending on the degree), and I'm in the Hong Kong Region, not in Siberia))) Catching a sharpener every time for "lighting up" is not…

  • Everything is absolutely wonderful in this device.
  • The wires are really short, one crocodile always strives to fly off ahead of time :-( BUT!, if you are a craftsman, this is not an obstacle for you to purchase.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great quality, did not expect at all for the price.

I took it as a gift to my father-in-law, he is delighted :) He says that everything is done to the highest standard and the car starts up once or twice from this device (unfortunately, I have no idea what the characteristics of the car are) The kit comes with a wide variety of adapters for all occasions and all this is placed in a convenient leather case. I definitely recommend the product. Many thanks to the seller.

  • Quality, price, delivery, equipment.
  • No.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Well done, but I wont buy any more.

This fall, the car stood for two months under the window with the terminal removed. The battery was bad anyway, but then I measured it at the terminals - 10.5 V, the car does not react to the connected battery in any way. With Berkut started up instantly. I stood for 2 days, started it again with Berkut and went for a new battery. Last winter, this launcher did not wait for good frosts, I hope to check it in the coming winter, it’s interesting, otherwise it’s lying around idle, I just recharge…

  • The device is small, cute, you can charge phones, I used the flashlight a couple of times. The main thing for me is to start a car with a dead battery. An intelligent protection system is a guarantee of durability.
  • The main drawback is the soft rag case. Once, as I suppose, when pressing through the cover on the flashlight button, he put the battery to zero. But the device seems to have survived and is working. And there is no adapter for my hp laptop in the set.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Terrible quality, a waste of money.

I am writing this review so that people would notice that this is a START-UP, but not a charger for car batteries. Answer from Berkut service manager: "The battery is not charging. Only helps to start the engine in case of a discharged battery. Well, a power bank for charging gadgets . The battery must be charged at room temperature using special chargers. Check out the BCA-4 and BCA-10 chargers"

  • A successful attempt is described in the shortcomings as case 1, I do not consider it an advantage, therefore I did not add it to the merits. Charges devices, has not yet experimented with how long the laptop will live with ROM, but charges.
  • Purchase day: I bought a device with a start-charger in the section of devices for car batteries. Total came device Launcher for the car. Charger for gadgets. Decided to leave, tried twice. Case 1: the battery, after it did not start, brought it home, until I bought a ROM, it stood warm for a couple of days, they brought the ROM, decided to take it out and install it in the car and check the ROM before charging, the voltage was at least 11.80V. I installed and connected it to the car, connected the firmware, tried to start it, the car started up with a half kick, and the battery showed 12.50V before charging. It's strange, but I thought, it seems to work, I'll leave it. Case 2: Frost -30, windy, Skoda Octavia Tour 1.6 ran out of power. Tried to start it a couple of times, but nothing. I decided to take the ROM out of the house and start the car with it. ROM charge 75% (3 out of 4 divisions), connected correctly in polarity, the indicator is green, tried according to the instructions (3-5 seconds) - it didn’t start, waited a minute, tried again, waited, tried a third time. UNSUCCESSFULLY. DISAPPOINTMENT. After trying, the charge at the ROM is 1 division. There is no adapter included in the kit to use the ROM as a cigarette lighter socket.

I did not expect from such a baby - I started the Bavarian 2.8-liter engine with a half-poke, although the battery was set to zero. Fits very comfortably in a pencil case. Wires and crocodiles are of high quality, no crooked rations. Protection against polarity reversal and short circuit is present. In general, a necessary thing for every driver, so as not to look for a neighbor to light up))) Tip - when you start the car, be sure to let it idle for at least 5 minutes - the ROM will not charge…

  • Powerful well made Long battery life Convenient case
  • Price tag, but you have to pay for quality

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It was a reasonable purchase, I will order more.

In my opinion, there is a certain inaccuracy in the description of the device. 12,000 mAh is clearly written on white. In fact, its real capacity is 4,000, which corresponds to the capacity of 1 li-io can. I tried to charge a laptop with a passport capacity of 6k, the launcher was able to overpower only 50% and he himself died from self-discharge. I wrote to the mail off. service, I was told that the banks are connected in parallel, which means that their voltage is summed up (to turn the…

  • Started the car with no problems. Good cover. Lots of adapters. Feels monolithic.
  • Real capacity

During the winter, for its intended purpose, it came in handy 4 times. In a particularly severe frost, and even after the weekend (the car did not start for more than a day), the booster did not help. Only wires from the neighbor's car. I mainly use it as a power bank during business trips. Tablet, mobile phones, ashka . In general, it does not lie in vain. Different pros: Compact. There is a cover. A bunch of goodies. A flashlight (I used it) Wires for launching from a decent silicone. Its…