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BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 265/65 R18 117R summer Review



Very good

Revainrating 5 out of 5  
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Description of BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 265/65 R18 117R summer

The BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 is the most durable off-road tire ever made. 50% road, 50% off road. If passenger tires from the North American company BFGoodrich are not particularly popular, then their counterparts for SUVs are often called “classics of the genre” and “legendary”. These epithets will most likely be applied in the future to the All Terrain T / A KO2 model, which appeared in the manufacturer''s assortment quite recently. Its distinguishing feature is not the versatility of application, but the technical solutions that provide it. Most of them were "borrowed" from professional off-road tires. But unlike them, this model is well adapted for use on the highway, where it demonstrates good performance. However, its greatest strengths still manifest themselves outside paved roads. Like the previous generation tire, this model is equipped with reinforced sidewalls. But in this case, its rigidity has been further increased, thanks to the use of CoreGuard technology. Previously, she has successfully established itself on racing tires. Its essence lies in the increased thickness of the sidewalls and the use of a special compound in its manufacture, which is characterized by increased resistance to any mechanical stress. As you know, one of the "signature" features of off-road tires from BFGoodrich is excellent endurance when operating even in the most difficult operating conditions. This model in this regard is not only not an exception, but also shows this property more clearly. This was achieved through several technical solutions at once. One of them was a significant increase in tread width, due to which the load on the contact patch is distributed more evenly, thereby reducing the likelihood of uneven wear. This feature is further enhanced by the optimized shape, size and arrangement of the blocks. In addition, there are special elements in the grooves between them that prevent stones from getting stuck, which also helps to increase the life of the tire. The tread pattern of this tire is replete with numerous blocks, which, in order to achieve excellent performance on any type of surface, have a complex configuration. The significant height of these elements and the location at a great distance from each other improve traction characteristics on earthen soils with a high moisture content. In turn, the aggressive design of the shoulder zones, part of which is located on the sidewalls, provides the tire with confident behavior on rocky surfaces. In addition, the staggered block arrangement and numerous 3D sipes allow the tire to exhibit good grip on icy and snowy roads. The main features of the BFGoodrich All Terrain T / A KO2 tire are reinforced sidewalls made of a compound resistant to mechanical stress, providing


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Has pros: Excellent all-season (AT) rubber; in terms of noise, I didn't notice any difference between it and winter spikes; it's quiet enough for such a tread; and it attractively decorates the car. Having these drawbacks: Three wheels were properly balanced at 40 weeks and 20 grams. 1 wheel 39 week 20g Now let's see how it weighs out in 100 grams.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

The following are some advantages: Powerful, strong, and well-balanced. When driving, there is not much of a loud noise; it is not as silent as riding on a freeway, but it is quieter than spikes. Got cons: Because rubber is so dense and heavy, there has been an uptick in the demand for diesel. Price.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Everything in the purchase suits, a very necessary product.

Rubber is in a league of its own. It is to be anticipated that the pavement will vibrate. There is nothing else like it! There is noise, to be sure, but it is hardly audible. In terms of handling as well, I didn't observe much of a decline, and the road remains in good condition. Sometimes I speed to 160 kilometers, I do not experience any discomfort. Even though I don't take my Nissan Pathfinder on particularly challenging off-road terrain, I have no trouble navigating slick conditions when I…

  • stunning appearance, excellent road manners, and robust sidewall construction.
  • extremely cumbersome, with a significant cost

Used Nissan Pathfinder, 80% paved roads, 20% light dirt. Well-balanced, with no issues. The declared 160 kph is accurate; at full throttle, I'm still making good time. The level of noise is minimal. The tread may be clogged, but the side sipes will still row in the muck. Even at -30 degrees Celsius, it doesn't get any darker than regular winter tires, so you may use them all year round. She's been using a patchfinder and a sport 3 pager for a combined six years. This view has not shifted…

  • You may ride it on any road, in all weather, and as far as your automobile will allow, you won't notice any difference in performance compared to standard summer and winter tires.
  • Consumption per liter went up from 11 to 12 because of the increased weight.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

On two first- and second-generation RAV 4 cars, this rubber in the measurements 225/70 R16 was used. logged a total of 40.000 kilometers on them. both on and off-roads, on various roads. even in the rain, the road holds well. I've never heard the ABS activate on pavement, not even during an emergency stop. Even at 120 km/h, hydroplaning does not occur. I haven't seen a better rubber that adheres so well to primer. Never became trapped! I avoided horrible swamps and wetlands without devotion…

  • Excellent traction on any terrain, including moderate off-road and heated asphalt. sturdy and resistant to wear. Visual aspect. comfortable travel over all sorts of speed bumps, cracks, and potholes.
  • NOISE ! particularly powerful between 60 and 80 km/h. It slightly lessens as we get closer to 120, then it picks back up. extremely hefty and has poor pavement rolling ability. Fuel usage has increased significantly.

Bought a pair of 265/60/18s instead of 255/55/18s by Michelin. Having mutual contact. A sense of "heaviness" was felt instantly; they're standing on an Amarok (210hp-chip), and a tiny rumbling and a scream can be heard from behind them. As soon as we had it all set up, we drove into the rain, and the car slid somewhat on the wet pavement upon braking, causing a great deal of tension and even anger. But after 10,000 miles, the rubber "opened up" and the noise almost vanished, and the car got…

  • Longevity, stability, and integrity in performance. Appearance.
  • When balancing, put 150gr on one wheel and up to 100gr on the others. Weight. This version has black lettering.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Everything is fine, there are only minor drawbacks.

Amazing tires, the Best!, but only for serious SUVs like the Land Cruiser, Patrol, and pickup trucks, particularly for hefty frames and those with Honest Four-Wheel Drive, and not for parodies from the Schmitar, Raviki, Shamoroki, Tuparegi, and other scrap metal series. I like this tire a lot! I've been driving a 2022 Toyota Fj Cruiser built from the ground up, with a 2022 Toyota Tundra 1 4.7L engine. runs on each rubber for 50–65 000,000. And as I mentioned previously, crossroads are found on…

  • tires that are quite specialized. Indestructibility, wear resistance, and good rowing all agree! As the tread becomes clogged, you travel through deep snow like a steam engine on tracks with an honest all-wheel drive. Sand, intersections, and clay are ordinary. The city has no purpose whatsoever. The ideal tires are for drivers who do 70–75 percent of their driving in rural areas and the rest in urban areas. Even all-wheel drive didn't always need to be engaged in some situations.
  • Despite being marketed as all-weather, it is not the ideal choice for the cold. It begins to tan and not faintly at -15 and above. As a matter of fact, ice has no grasp! Additionally, there is no common way to turn on full or stay in the back on the ice after ten years of driving on this rubber (this is the third set already). Very noisy.

After 8 years of being apart, I finally decided to get a new set. Perfect for me. Weekends at the river, or the cabin in the winter. I avoid ice altogether. Doesn't bother me with its clamor. But I'm driving a diesel. I have no ears. After 60,000 miles, only 40% of the tread will be left. But time has a way of wearing on things. The rubber's original qualities are gone. Strong. Wheel was broken once before. Well-balanced only when I put it there, for all time. fails to impact.

  • Matches the advertised features exactly.
  • No

Really year-round (Hong Kong region and region) tires. Do not listen to anyone about the fact that she is summer or for a slight minus. Try to study some of the nuances yourself. If you delve into the marking of rubber, you will see on it the designation of a snowflake against the background of a MOUNTAIN, read what this means. Sometimes a snowflake is simple, but here is a MOUNTAIN. Rubber is very adequate in the cold at minus 10 and up to minus 15, in the yards and is no worse than spikes or…

  • Not killed, year-round, reliable tires. In my opinion, there is no better SUV on the market. It looks dignified and presentable, the inscriptions can be hidden inside if you do not like it. I had a set for the LC 200, the second one is now on the Prado 120.
  • Increased fuel consumption by 15% for sure.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

Ideal in mud and asphalt. Of course you can hear the rubber at low speeds, but to say that it is noisy, NO! On ice like a cow, on densely packed snow, not so much either. In porridge, loose snow behaves in my opinion even better than winter. Before winter, there were still thoughts of buying spikes or Velcro, but after driving half the winter I understand, it’s good that I didn’t! I drove 40 thousand on it. There is no wear. Like new! Dressed and balanced perfectly. True, before installation, I

  • There is no better all-wheel drive for everyday use!
  • Slippery on ice