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About Blumen Gardens

Since 1989, Blumen Gardens has evolved from a small garden design business into a full-service landscaping company with a year-round garden center.

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a fantasy spot to make your occasion remarkable

At the point when we consider coordinating a wedding, there are numerous thoughts that ring a bell, from the spot of the festival, the enrichment, the ambient sound and every one of the subtleties submerged in the arranging of the occasion. For…See full review

a dream place to make your event unforgettable

When we think about organizing a wedding, there are many ideas that come to mind, from the place of the celebration, the decoration, the background music and all the details immersed in the planning of the event. For those who want to make their…See full review

Everything Green

Blumen Gardens will present to you a beautiful garden with that attractive green look just as the name implies but the company is not just about giving you that beautiful garden, it also offers other services that give that natural feeling in a…See full review