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Clean Energy Trust

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Technology for the Environment

Clean Energy Trust aims to minimize the damage caused by today's technologies to nature and human life. Clean Energy Trust invests in seeds and provides support to enable entrepreneurs / developers…See more

Clean Energy Trust: supporting entrepreneurs in favor of clean energy

In my opinion, this project has a double importance: to support entrepreneurship and at the same time promote the use of clean and non-polluting energies. Because of my academic formation in the…See more

Review on clear energy trust by Umut Y.

Clean energy trust This company is a non-profit organization that provides support for clean technology projects in major markets strongly as it supports investment projects and entrepreneurs and…See more

They are doing something to protect the environment

Clean Energy Trust is a company established in April 2010. As can be understood from the name of the company, the company attaches great importance to the environment and nature. It is really…See more