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🔌 dorman 741-753 front driver side power window motor and regulator assembly for dodge models - black logo

🔌 Dorman 741-753 Front Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly for Dodge Models - Black Review




Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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StyleDriver Side (LH)
Item Dimensions LxWxH23.38 x 11.38 x 2.88 inches
Item Weight6.1 Pounds

Description of 🔌 Dorman 741-753 Front Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly for Dodge Models - Black

Trustworthy replacement - engineered and tested to match the fit, function and performance of the original window regulator on specified vehicles. Quality assured - extensively tested by cycling thousands of times in an actual vehicle door to ensure a long, trouble-free service life. Easy installation - reverse-engineered to match the original equipment shape and dimensions to provide a direct, seamless fit. Reliable design - engineered in North America and backed by long history of automotive aftermarket experience. Ensure fit – to make sure this part fits your exact vehicle, input your make, model and trim level into the Amazon Garage. Engineered improvements enhance performance. Quality tested to ensure trouble free installation, performance, and durability. Plug and Play - no wire splicing necessary. OE: 55154925.


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

defective engine. - Power windows and motors

Spent two hours and spilled some blood (SHARP METAL) installing a new regulator, tried activating the motor to line up the mounting holes but found that the new engine did not work this. I hooked up an old motor just to be sure and it worked fine. return started.

  • Great for outdoor activities
  • There are new competitors

Revainrating 4 out of 5

tons saved! Was able to replace it myself and works great.

Runs like clockwork. As a do-it-yourselfer, it would be helpful if some kind of instructions or even a link were included. But once we figured it out, installation was pretty quick and easy. Just be patient and find the video if this is your first time doing this. Also, be careful when taking things apart to make sure you put things back in the right place (without having to guess).

  • Durable finish
  • Lots of stuff

Revainrating 5 out of 5

5 stars The driver had a bad engine. 1 Star Purchased in 2015.

Passenger side works as it should. 5 stars The driver had a bad engine. 1 star I bought this in 2015 and only got around to installing it now 4/2016. Revain won't pick up the bad ones. Now I'm hosed. UPDATE: I called Dorman directly on April 15th and they were very nice. They have escalated my concerns to their manager who works with Revain.Presto! Revain sent a new unit and it arrived on April 17th "Sunday" and sent me a shipping label for the defective unit. The car has been completely…

  • Pleasant
  • Cable is shorter than other picks

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Installing on a 1999 Dodge Ram 3500

The stock screws go into this adjuster. Removal/installation (after removing the door panel) took about 10 minutes. The only problem with the installation was fitting the short bar upside down - it only goes right one way. The short bar has a "key" that fits into a hole next to one of the screws on the door. I didn't notice and installed it upside down. As the window ramps up/down, it will latch on to this dot, making it clear that something has been set incorrectly. Noticing a hole next to the

  • New
  • Old

Revainrating 5 out of 5

♬ Who stops rain and snow?

On my Dodge Ram 1500, the driver's side power window would sometimes not close. Over time, this happened more and more often and at the most inconvenient times. Both in the rain and in a snowstorm, it happened several times that it took 45 minutes to close and I literally had to help open the window. Luckily my son makes a living replacing and fixing car windows so he replaced this gear for me. Even he found it difficult to manipulate the mechanism, the engine, to enter and exit the narrow gap…

  • Weight
  • -

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Poorly designed electrical connector

Slightly disappointed with this. The block looks identical to the OEM for the most part, but when it came to installing it, it didn't work. After some investigation, it turned out that the pins of the electrical connector, sockets are 0.011 more than the OEM sockets. Upon checking, I found the device was working, it just didn't have a good connection. I exchanged the plugs because of work, otherwise I would have sent the device back. Once the installation is complete, the window will come down…

  • Easy to read control panel
  • Fits

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Replaces the original, but a longer power cord can be used.

I recently installed this window regulator on my 1995 Dodge pickup. Compared to the factory part, the only difference I noticed was that the main lift mechanism isn't as thick as the factory part and the power cable exits the motor at a different point and is therefore barely long enough. It will be strong steel and I have no doubt that despite being a bit slimmer it will last as long as a factory part. Factory wired, not original Dodge rubber seal. If the cable wasn't long enough you could…

  • Certified
  • Very Expensive

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fix your fur in 30 minutes. inclined!

This exact OEM replacement part looks exactly like the original part that was fitted at the factory 20 years ago! It was a lot easier than I thought and I've heard some horror stories about window replacements! After removing the door panel, remove the speaker from the 4 screws (for better access), then its 4 10mm main screws on the motor, 2 x 10mm side support screws and 2 x 10mm window rail lock nuts, pull them out of the bottom rail (not the side) tape the window all the way up with heavy…

  • Pleasant to use
  • Almost everything is ok

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Acceptable replacement for a broken Regulator

I used this Dorman assembly to replace a broken power window on my 1996 RAM 1500. The part arrived on time and was very similar to the original part. The bearing unit's point of failure was one of the plastic bearings/bushings in the channel that connects to the brackets on the underside of the window pane. In this regard, the replacement part has not undergone any design improvements (better bushing material, tighter tolerances, etc.) to improve the failure mode of the original design. Also…

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