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Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

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Foundation for Mechanical Headway (FIT) gives you the assistance you need to cultivate creative exercises or associations in Switzerland

This imperative foundation arranged in Lausanne, Switzerland has added to the progression of improvement projects and the using of associations for specific years now. It has the sponsorship of the elevated Innovaud association. If you are a…See full review

audit on Establishment for Innovation development by Rotimi

The Establishment for Innovation Development is a non-benefit association established on the conviction that innovation can assist with propelling arrangement following, checking, and assessment (M&E) in the social areas of wellbeing, schooling…See full review

Establishment for Mechanical Advancement (FIT) furnishes you with the help you need to foster creative activities or organizations in Switzerland

This vital establishment situated in Lausanne, Switzerland has added to the improvement of development projects and the utilizing of organizations for certain years now. It has the support of the renowned Innovaud affiliation. In the event that…See full review

Establishment for Mechanical Development (FIT): Supports imaginative innovative endeavors in Switzerland.

Monetary organization with over 26 years of involvement since its establishment in 1994, the awards go to explicit regions in clean advances, computerized advances.  It has established in excess of 50 organizations and gave financing to…See full review

Foundation for Technological Innovation

Foundation for Technological Innovation(FIT) is financial company which was founded in the year 1994 in Laussane, Switzerland which houses it's Head quarters. Foundation for Technological Innovation was established to support innovative…See full review

A company that supports entrepreneurial activities in the technological field.

Foundation for Technological Innovation is an entrepreneurship company founded and formed in Switzerland. This company, which started its services and activities approximately 27 years ago, has good connections with people and companies working on…See full review

FIT review

Today's world can be called the world of technology. Innovation plays a huge role in our lives, technology has helped humanity to improve the quality of life. But not all ideas and projects have been implemented. Sometimes the lack of investment is…See full review

A Swiss company.

Hi everyone! I am going to write review about Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). The Foundation for Technological Innovation is a non-profit organization that provides financial help to individuals that want to develop their projects…See full review

Foundation for Technological Innovation

Hello guys. The topic that I want to write today is about The Foundation for Technology Innovation. Financial corporation with greater than 26 years of journey for the reason that its basis in 1994, the provides go to precise areas in easy…See full review

my review on FIT

Foundation for Technological Innovation was founded in 1994, the head office located in Lausanne. As the name implies, the activities of this fund are aimed at supporting innovative technologies. At different stages of development since 2018…See full review