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LG’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers lead better lives.

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I'm very happy with the LG products.

With LG I have always had a positive experience, I have seen LG products in my home since I was a child, I can say without hesitation that LG products are awesome, I have had an LG fridge in my home since I was 6 years old which is still in...See full review

I expected more from a robot vacuum cleaner LG

I have always dreamed of a robot vacuum cleaner, because I have a Spitz dog at home, it has a lot of fluff on the floor. And finally I got such a vacuum cleaner. But from the first day I began to notice the cons in this vacuum cleaner. First, the...See full review

LG - enough experience to understand what customer needs indeed

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna talk about LG which company really came along with me from my childhood till today. There is no doubt that LG has a world reputation, on the other hand LG's merchandise are however in notable demand in Asia. I've...See full review

LG: it is a corporation quite focused on human needs.

LG: is a fairly large corporation that sells products and services, seeks to fill the market with its commercial products, its economic study reveals its performance in the market and makes known its large catalog of products available, has...See full review

Review about LG.

Hello everyone. I am going to write about LG today. LG was founded in 1958 under the name of GoldStar till 2002. After 2002 the name was changed to LG. There's no doubt that LG contains a worldwide notoriety, but LG's items are still in incredible...See full review

LG Electronics is great place to shop!

Hi everyone!!! I wanted to type about LG Electronics and their reliability with products. Firstly I wanted to say that I bought their products, I mean a few of them which are Speakers: LG XBOOM Entertainment System w/ Karaoke & DJ Effects Smart...See full review

My experience with LG products.

Hello everyone. I wanted to write about one of my favorite brands "LG Electronics". There are existing from around 1960s that's one of the main reason they are so good. That's a lot older than I am so that's weird that they work from that age in...See full review

LG used to be good.

LG is one of the most well-known and recognized companies in the world. They produce almost anything electronic from smartphones to TVs and even air conditioners. LG products usually have great designs and they come with a very affordable price. I...See full review


Hi everyone! I am going to write about LG firm. LG Electronics provides job opportunities to 82000 people around the world in more than 110 business units, 81 of which are subsidiaries. Reaching $ 44 billion in sales in 2007, LG consists of 4...See full review

LG : innovative world brand

LG, one of the largest smartphone manufacturers, has not been able to attract the attention of users with the phones it produces today? LG is one of the major manufacturers not only in phones, but also in categories such as smart televisions, sound...See full review