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OXO 22081 2 Inch Paring Silver

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About OXO 22081 2 Inch Paring Silver

Sturdy, stainless steel blade. Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle ensures a safe grip. Hand wash with warm, soapy water and promptly dry. Perfect for peeling and paring fruits and vegetables.

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Global ratings 5

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Cheaper is not better.

The original OXO knife that I have owned for many years feels better and has a better design than this model. This one is ok but not like the original with the rubber grip. Oxo needs to start making the original again. This cheaper model is simply cheaper. I'm not sure if we would buy it again or not.

Pros & cons

  • Fits many
  • No

The handle of this knife fits the entire palm of your hand and is very comfortable to use.

This knife was bought for a family member who was having a nervous breakdown resulting in grip problems. The handle of this knife fills the palm of your hand and is very comfortable to use. The steel isn't particularly hard and is easy to sharpen if you need to touch up the edge.

Pros & cons

  • Easy to install
  • Safety

Great for an elderly parent

I bought this for an elderly parent to use for his assistant. condominium. In her room there is a small fridge with snacks and she likes to peel and cut apples etc. It works very well. She has arthritis and it helps that the grip is bigger and easier to hold. We are happy with the purchase.

Pros & cons

  • Nice to use
  • Appearance

The handle is very small. And feels very cheap. Not like the picture.

Years ago I got a 3.5 inch oxo paring knife that I really liked. I liked the non-slip feel of the handle. However, this is significantly smaller, which makes it difficult to use despite the non-slip coating. So if you get that for arthritis in your fingers, it's not going to help much. Also in the picture you can see the metal at the top and bottom of the handle, here it is completely made of plastic. They sent me number 1807 not 1509 as shown in the picture.

Pros & cons

  • Well built
  • Overall ok but...

Very light and thin

About 20 years ago I bought an OXO paring knife the same size as this one. It's starting to wear out so getting another one seemed reasonable to me. My old one has great grip and feels balanced. I really relied on him and he didn't let me down. There are no chips on the blade. The new handle is very small, very light. The blade looks very thin and filigree. There's no balanced feel and I don't really like it. The blade is duller than mine. I peel and chop a lot of fresh vegetables and cut them up on a bamboo cutting board. This knife is not suitable for this task. Sad because OXO used to be a quality product at an affordable price.

Pros & cons

  • Pleasant
  • No insurance