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Washing machine LG Steam F2J3HS4L, silver Review




Revainrating 3 out of 5  
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Description of Washing machine LG Steam F2J3HS4L, silver

The LG F2J3HS4L washing machine is equipped with various programs, which allows you to choose the optimal mode for any type of fabric. Thanks to the functionality, it is possible to pre-soak things, with minimal energy consumption, to clean children''s or sportswear. The maximum allowable weight of dry laundry is 7 kg, which is enough to clean blankets, jackets and blankets. Depending on the material, the user independently adjusts the intensity of the spin (the maximum speed is 1200 rpm). The LG F2J3HS4L washing machine is equipped with the Delay Start function (up to 19 hours), thanks to which you can set the exact start time. The parameters are set using electronic switches. Automatic drum cleaning greatly simplifies the care of the device. Information about the program step is shown on the display. At the end of the cycle, an audible signal is activated. The built-in fuse reduces the risk of damage to the model due to a sudden voltage drop.


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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The worst purchase in my life, don't repeat my mistake

After buying a new car, I realized how much the Korean engineering school had degraded. Do not buy this craft, return it back to the manufacturer.

  • The design of the car is very beautiful. Quiet when washing The sound is muted
  • 1. The set of programs does not reach the level of cheap cars 15 years ago. In the "Quick 30" program, there is no choice of temperature that the user needs at the moment, and there is no option to select the amount of rinse. The result after a quick wash is disgusting. The powder and smell remain, you have to repeat the rinse and spin. Other programs are not used, why wait 4 hours instead of 1. The "everyday wash" program would be nice, even taking into account the fact that it is very long, but why is the spin speed of 800 revolutions limited, because when you wash every day you need a maximum spin of 1200 to dry things quickly. 2. Non-compliance of the declared characteristics with the realities of operation. So if you need to wash a large thing, for example, a thin blanket or a thick jacket, we are faced with the fact that the actual volume of the drum corresponds to a 5 kg machine. and things are hard to fit. At the same time, the machine is not able to wring out things after washing, and goes into the UE error. For understanding, a 15-year-old Samsung machine, designed for 5.2 kg, washed and wrung out such things without any problems. 3. The cuff is made in such a way that there is always water left after washing, and it must be wiped clean so that there is no smell.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

Read the instructions. Everything is thought out, laundry instructions are laminated, etc. The inverter motor is awesome. You can only hear the laundry falling. Generally silence. The aquarium gurgles louder. The cover is removed.

  • Nice car, nice twist with a sound like a safe. Touchpad. The minute display shows until the end of the wash. The cover is removed. A good competitor to Samsung.
  • About 60 kg is no joke. Couriers travel without papers, and there are no devices, such as belts, they tear themselves. Health will not be restored. Through the application from LG, you can do sound diagnostics through a smartphone, but I could not connect. Well, of course it's expensive. Thanks to the central bank, since December 2022, prices for everything have risen +\- 7 times, and will continue to grow, so . . where to go.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

The worst product for your money, I do not recommend it to anyone.

I do not recommend to buy. I would gladly return it to the store if it were not used as an insert. With its pros: I needed a machine with a removable top cover, under the countertop. Assembly - China, I do not know how much a plus. Inverter motor with 10 years warranty. steam function. Pretty quiet even when spinning. Has cons: There are 10 programs in total, one of which is "baby clothes" with steam treatment. Many programs for three hours, and the washing time is always different, possibly…