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Zilla Reptile Screen Hinged 8 Inch Review




Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Zilla Reptile Screen Hinged 8 Inch

Screen cover includes a locking hinged feeding door for easy access. The steel black mesh stands up long-term to high temperatures. The metal mesh also provides open air flow to the reptile. Durable frame keeps its shape after years of use. For added security, use with Zilla Locking, Non-Locking or Heavy Duty Screen Clips. 90 Day Warranty.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Suitable for 20G long reptile tanks

I was gifted a turtle with the enclosure it was raised in which has a 20 gallon Zilla aquarium. The tank has a lattice-shaped slider, fine mesh, tends to leak. This screen is not a slider, it is simply placed on the tank. Fits well and a much heavier screen than the one my tank came with. I find this allows for better air circulation. If you wish, your ceiling lights can be positioned directly on the screen. It even supports the weight of my cat who sleeps on the tank at night! The door is very

  • Strainer cover includes a lockable flap door for easy access
  • Dear

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Only if you're willing to lose your pet

The door in this lid is of appallingly poor quality. I immediately saw that it was hinged, had gaps around the edges, and the single plastic latch handle only aggravated its deformation. So I took extra precautions and closed the door (primarily, completely abandoning the goal of easier access). My corn snake escaped in 4 DAYS. She's only minor (about 18 inches long) but she's still strong enough to push the door from below to create a (even wider) gap and get through. It happened as I was…

  • For added security, use Zilla's locking, non-locking or durable screen clips
  • Very expensive

My Aquarium - Zoo Med from the pet shop with sliding lid. The lid was too small to fit on the existing frame. And the sizes are a little smaller than stated. So I decided to remove the top frame using a spatula and an elbow. The bezel was covered in foam so it wasn't too difficult to remove, but it took a while to snap off. After removing it I cleaned the tank and cut the glass badly so my advice is to seal the edges with tape first. After it was clean I sealed the sharp edges with tape and…

  • Sturdy frame keeps its shape even after years of use
  • Not bad, but...