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Now adays there are over thousands of CRYPTO currency exchange platform available and suitable for traders depending on your choice and type. As an investor as I am I make use of 3 exchange platform but that doesn't means I won't try other exchange platforms. Some exchange platforms differs from each other because of unique features present in it. Now I wanna lay some emphasis on BKEX exchange platform. BKEX is an exchange platform that I feel was developed by the Asians (China specifically) because the exchange platform seems to carry some Chinese characters. BKEX has been in existence for over 4years now but unfortunately I just heard of it early this year It has a native token known as BKK which is an ERC-20 token. This token has a circulation of 164million as I checked. With this it can prevent inflation. Secondly there's an ambassador program that is launched currently. For an individual to be a crypto exchange ambassador, you'll have to be commited because it requires time, dedication and commitment. Well another interesting fact i saw on the platform is the giveaways that are available For active users.. as I speak I'm currently in one of their giveaway top leader board.. About their fee, well I'll say that their fees aren't that nice compared to other exchange platforms but the fee is easily affordable. Lest I forget KYC. the KYC process on this platform seems very easy.. Its not time consuming like other platform Lastly this exchange platform though not the Best but has one of the most unique features as an exchange platformTam incelemeye bakın

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My little review on this company called bityard company

Exchange as we all know is a market place where commodities and many different types of financial instrument are traded. The main functions an asset perform is that it ensure that a fair and orderly trade occur. Exchanges also provides top companies also with the government a good platform to sell to the common public. Now bityard, bityard has its headquarters in Singapore. This exchange platform(bityard) has a unique platform and also a friendly platform that makes it very easy to use. It also supports the top 40 cryptic currencies and many other commodities that have multi fold leverage. Bityard platform fees are very low and it also has facilities that use to promote retail and professional traders. Thanks to this platform it has become one of the best platform used for trading. Another thing I want you to know is that the bityard company has it licence and registration in four countries which are Singapore(its head quarter) United states, Estonia and Australia. This platform was launched officially on April 2020. According to my little research which I made, bityard receives around $10-$12 million investment from some source which are unknown. Bityard has launched a new features which is known as copy trading. This helps new users to be able to learn from an experienced investor. Bityard is making itself to suit the present needs of the market. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Disrupt Motion

Thanks to the revain platform who brought about about this company called disrupt motion to my knowledge and I'll be sharing my experience with you on disrupt motion. Disrupt motion as we all know is a crypto house as I normally to call it which sees reason of merging video production and DeFi in other to propel a good branding and marketing products. However to illustrate critical marketing and peerless skills, it takes on a lot of professional in block chain and DeFi in other to station Projects on a sky-high return levels. Another thing I took note of is the comment coming from individuals watching lengthy videos without gaining any point from it. They sees it as time wastage and Data consumption. But with the help of Disrupt motion, they'll highlight everything bit by bit with an applicable description about a the desired project of your choice with a lesser time consuming upshot. Secondly, Disrupt motion main objectives doesn't stop Here, it also present itself with an open source service which will create usefulness to the type of information that it provides in and out of the crypto community. Lastly, it detect the necessary value that is needed to be shared on the video that its passing across. To round of everything, Disrupt motion have been influential in diverse ways Which gives optical meaning to other industries. Disrupt motion is here to make straight the delaying aspect in the crypto world Tam incelemeye bakın

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Many investors today are looking forward to having a pure and legit exchange platform but on the other hand many crypto exchange has evolved in recent past but not all is being used because of it lacks what investors needed most.. I will be talking about this crypto exchange called Thousand Ex. This exchange came into light last year though not that popular like other exchange platforms.. It has a goal to be a diversified ecosystem that will offer a digital market for fungible and none fungible token.. It also has the aim to create an open market by which crypto investors and traders can interact and share ideas.. Secondly This exchange has its own native token in which you as an investor can stake, trade or pay transaction fees.. This token is worth purchasing in other to stake and get more rewards.. If you're a user of this exchange platform you don't need to panic because it has a very strong security system which makes it difficult for fraudsters to hack.. I'll recommend this exchange platform for my fellow friends who are looking for a good exchange platform Tam incelemeye bakın

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sCoreto is a highly recommend projects that allows digital currency traders. This platform also has its own token known as COR.. Users can gain and get benefits from this token. You can also stake the token etc.. This platform is a great platform.. The Coreto platform uses a very high security block chain Machine learning etc.. Coreto came with a mission to develop a global system. I might not be a Coreto user but I'm looking forward to try it out because I'm just hearing about it for the first time. To me I find this project to be very reliable to all crypto user across the globe.. It has a very good user friendly inter phase.. And their support team responds to any issues very fast.. I recommend this platform to all crypto usersTam incelemeye bakın

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Greetings to you all I'm here to talk about ROOBEE. First of all what's this ROOBEE people do talk about? ROOBEE is an investment platform which allows its users to purchase various types of products for Investment. the minimum amount starts from $10 only. I've developed an interest on this platform some months back which made me do a lot of research about how the platform works, how it operates, its lapses its advantage and its disadvantage. I also came to understand that this investment platform has been in existence since 2017. But I wonder why it hasn't been famous like other projects.. After so much research about this company, I decided to try it out by investing half of my money. I invested $1000 into the block chain and to my ultimate surprise I made 3x of what I invested. My $1000 turned out to be $4000. I was so perplex and I had to introduce my family to it. My brother invested just $100 and made $600 out of it.. To be honest this platform has transformed my life one way or the other. To my friends and my fellow investors, its not too late to try this out. Like I stated above you can start with just a minimum of $10 only and watch your Investment grow like a mustard tree. On my own aspect ROOBEE has a target and also potentials to solve many investors problem as time goes on. I will hold roobee token just as I hold BTC token and ETH token because I'm pretty sure this roobee token will explode in years to come. Tam incelemeye bakın

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GAGARIN Launchpad

Gargarin launchpad is platform for new investment projects which are about to be launched into the market. The Gargarin launchpad currency can be bought and use it to invest on their site. If you as an investor encountered or face any problem or challenges regarding any project, I'll recommend you to try using the Gargarin launchpad site. Many investors are looking for a project one way or the other that can multiply their investment The Gargarin launchpad will be of help to this investors.. Some ways by which Gargarin launchpad works.. This launchpad search for potential projects at first stage and then allows professionals to evaluate the project and if possible provides assistant so that the project can realize its potentials. Another good thing about this project is that it allows the operation of the platform to be visible to users. It Also enables users to be able to follow technical development of the project Lastly I recommend this site to newbies, old time investors and users who wanna try something new This project is guaranteed to serve you at its best..Tam incelemeye bakın

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Wodo Network

Wodo network is an interesting projects with a good inter phase with a software solution. Wodo network allows users be able to tackle their problems giving them a solution to their problem. They have a team which are always working around the clock to make sure they see the success of the project. Wodo also has an aspect which is termed as wodo academy In this academy you'll get to learn alot and benefit alot. The platform is an open source platform so therefore there will be a lot of API. Another interesting fact about this wodo network is, it enables P2E ( P2E simply means play to earn) You play while you earn. And its specifically designed for the gamers Lastly, I will gladly recommend this site for my friends and New users because its a very interesting project one should check upon Tam incelemeye bakın

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Genius Assets

The best way as an individual and as an investor to earn some extra cash is through passive income And the best company to give you this is GENIUS ASSETS. Thus by investing in Genius assets, you will benefit and also gain a passive income. Now some people may ask what is GENIUS ASSETS and what's its aim and purpose. I would answer that below Genius assets is a place for users to buy, sell and also transact high value assets and its aim is to help crypto currency enthusiast to invest in various non crypto currency alternatives. Genius assets so far has made a progress as the team have come together and develop a market place to connect to block chain. Another thing you should know about Genius assets is that it provides NFTs that can be easily gotten in fractional or in whole Lastly Genius assets has a native token which users can purchase at presale and once you've gotten a Genius token you can now Invest in many exciting assets of your choice not excluding real estate, sport, air traffics etc. This industries I just mentioned will enable you make profits as the improve Tam incelemeye bakın

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LGBTQ Network Foundation

LGBTQ network foundation issues LGBTQ token crypto currency. This company is an organization whose aim is to maximize task and to deliver crypto currency worldwide in other to leverage the USD market. As a business personnel, if you meet the needs of LGBTBE you will be certified. Also LGBTQ is a non governmental civil right and community which promotes the civil and right of human. LGBTQ now provides Android and iOS devices which delivers LGBTQ token for free and also for sending cash and making all sort of payment as well. LGBTQ also aims to make sure it assembles its blockchain and also transform LGBTQ token from the ethereum block chain. Now on wallet known as the rainbow wallet... Rainbow wallet helps to secure users assets compared to other system. Because of its flexibility and its simple to import wallet or make a new one. And as for its interphase, I would say LGBTQ has a good interphase. And also note that the platform isn't generalized only for gaysTam incelemeye bakın

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