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BritePool is a great tool to help us track and understand our users. We can see exactly where our users are coming from. We can see exactly what our users are doing on our site and where they are leaving our site. We can also see when they are engaging with our content. The only thing we do not like is that it is a bit hard to set up at first and the integration with Google analytics is not always seamless. If you are looking to track and understand your users then BritePool is a great tool. It is helping us see where our users are coming from and what they are doing on our site. We can also see what content they are engaging with. We are able to also see when they are leaving our site.Tam incelemeye bakın

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The simplicity and ease of use of the platform. I like that I can easily assign tasks to others and keep track of their progress. I also like that I can easily monitor progress and keep an eye on the overall status of the project. The customer service is also great. They are quick to respond and are very helpful. I would like to be able to assign tasks to others outside of my team. I also wish there was a way to assign tasks to others from the dashboard. I have also noticed that the tasks sometimes get lost in the system. I also wish that there was a way to check the status of a task without having to go to the project itself. It is a great tool for a small team project. It helps keep everyone on the same page. The status is easy to keep track of. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The visual interface is very intuitive to use! It's easy for my team members who are not technical people at all - they're able just by looking through it understand what we need them to do each day in order to hit their goals/OKR pillars & targets (or even better). I also love how simple yet effective this system makes creating new projects or tasks extremely quick once you have some experience using it :) There really isn’t anything specific about A Hundred which could make me dislike any part if its functioning well enough without issues like other reviews mentiond above.- Easy user friendly platform when compared side note word documents used during previous years where i worked before. Tam incelemeye bakın

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The ease of use for all parties involved in project implementation; it has been very easy to get our team up-to speed with this system quickly! We are able to track tasks easily from start through completion (as well as provide feedback). While there have not yet be any issues reported by other users we've worked closely with thus far - I'm confident they will come soon enough :) It's nice being able to keep task lists organized without using multiple different systems/tools. The ability to track tasks, manage time sheets, keep track of employee attendance etc. I dislike it that there's no mobile app for this tool. It would be great if you could sync your task list with all your other tools like Asana or Jira. We use this software to track our daily tasks and projects. Also we are able to report to our management about the status of every project. Tam incelemeye bakın

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I like that there are so many features in one place! It's not just about tracking time but also project management with PIPs (Project Invoices), task lists/gantt charts & reporting as well all within 1 platform which makes it easy for everyone involved - Team members or managers too!! We get daily updates from our Project Manager who can check progress at any point of day via mobile app by logging into their dashboard online using web browser anywhere anytime without downloading anything extra. Nothing really dislike here yet however we do use this mostly during working hours only when available otherwise its offline mode where you cannot send messages etc., Also sometimes some minor bugs happens occasionally though nothing serious too :) This saves us lot more effort since everything gets collected under same roof rather than maintaining multiple systems separately across different platforms such as GSuite / Slack team chat rooms + Google Doc documents folder shared among colleagues internally.Tam incelemeye bakın

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The ability to have a single location for all of our performance management needs. It is easy to navigate and understand and has the best customer support in the industry. I wish we could provide feedback for the user interface, but it is very intuitive. There are no downsides that we can think of. If you're looking for an easy way to manage your KPIs and track employee development, this is it! We use Gromsum to track our goals and measure our success against them. It allows us to easily see where we need to improve for future goals. Tam incelemeye bakın

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It was easy to set up, and it's very intuitive for my team of remote employees. I can see all their activities at once so that there is no delay when communicating about projects or tasks. There could be some better documentation around setting up integrations (e.g., Zapier). The onboarding process was also not great - they sent me emails asking me to update my LinkedIn profile which took days before we actually started working together. We use this software as our main communication platform, but have other tools too like Zoom/Slack. With Jell we are able to keep track of what everyone's doing from anywhere in the world via one single tool. Tam incelemeye bakın

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Crayola Crayola Crayons 24 Pack

Hello, dear friends and readers of the site ! As soon as we noticed the child's interest in painting, we decided to purchase a set of wax crayons. The choice is large, both in price, and in format, and in the number of colors, and, of course, in quality. A box of 24 Crayola wax crayons caught my attention. Reviews are mostly positive. These crayons are recommended from 1 year old. At the time of purchase, the child was a little over a year old, so I was especially pleased with the picture that the crayons draw even with light pressure (easy grip). Information about the manufacturer, as well as confirmation of product safety. Appearance - photographs with flash and without. The dimensions of the crayons are as follows: 7 cm in length and a little more than 1 cm in diameter. We have already lost a part under the chest of drawers, because the crayons roll easily due to the rounded shape. The colors are mostly bright, some are pale, some are saturated. Many shades of green, pink, blue. There is even a white one, but it is of little use. Color palette (partially shown): They fit well in a child's hand, they do not slip out. The child asks to get them, then drags the box to all corners of the house, hides the crayons ... In a word, he fell in love with them. What I didn't like about them was the disgusting smell. Strong, felt even a meter away. Has not faded in 5 months of use. When I gave it to the child for the first time, he even threw them away from himself. Another disadvantage is that the crayons crumble. There was a moment, I was even frightened of red specks on the child's hand, then I realized that it was from chalk. PROS: + Do not break when dropped. + Bright palette of colors, many shades. + There are 24 colors in the set. + Draw even with light pressure, especially important for kids. + The child enjoys drawing and playing with crayons. MINUSES: - - - Disgusting strong SMELL, the first reaction of the child is to discard this "byaku". Then, however, I got used to it. - Price - 429 rubles. For this price you expect better quality. So I think it's overpriced. - Due to the rounded shape, the crayons are easily rolled off the table under a chest of drawers or a sofa. Getting it is difficult, so by the end of the day we usually miss half the box. - They crumble. I will not take these crayons again and do not advise anyone, mainly because of the smell. *** Amazing life! Today, visiting my grandmother, they again took up their favorite pastime. Grandma takes out crayons, and I understand that they are the same brand of Crayola, in which I managed to be disappointed. However, in another version, the crayons turned out to be much better. Due to the fact that each crayon is wrapped in paper: + the smell can be caught only if you smell it specially, + crayons are more pleasant to hold in your hand, there are no crumbs left. True, unlike the first sample, the crayons are more brittle. The child easily draws lines on paper, although there is no special sign "easy grip". The colors are just as rich and vibrant as the other packaging. And finally, I want to capture a package of crayons, which is really worth paying attention to if you want to keep your kid busy with drawing. TOTAL: Comparing different packages of the same manufacturer, I can draw the following conclusions: 1) Most likely, the manufacturer wanted to make stronger crayons for babies from 12 months old that would not break when dropped (1st package), but did not take care of the smell. The smell is extremely unpleasant and persistent. 2) The manufacturer has decent crayons in a wrapper (2nd pack), which I can recommend for children's creativity. The only thing you have to make sure that the baby from a year to three does not bite off and does not eat a piece. Crayons are brittle, this must be borne in mind. In general, I rate Crayola crayons as a four. Colorful and easy to use, but not without cons. If my review was helpful to you, please click "YES" below. Thank you for your attention! Tam incelemeye bakın

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I liked that they have an excellent product, it's very easy for new crypto users like myself who are just getting into this industry as well in their support team is also amazing! They know what there doing which helps me trust them more with my projects needs because i don't feel lied about or anything at all when working together so far nothing bad has happened yet either great communication between us both through email/chat etc., if you're looking for someone trustworthy then work hand-in-hand with coinveriti no matter how small we may seem our reach goes miles!! Tam incelemeye bakın

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The platform is easy and simple to use. It's very user friendly and the customer service is exceptional. It's also very cost effective. There is nothing that I dislike about GotU. The only thing I could find was that the platform is a little outdated. I would say that the platform is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this platform to anyone who is looking for a cost effective advertising platform. I am using GotU to advertise my business. I have been able to get my business out to a much larger audience than I would have been able to do on my own. Tam incelemeye bakın

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