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Review on Cryptonator by Praise Olagbadun

Having A Wallet That Accepts Cryptos And Fiats Looks Nice

A trader that has a wallet that accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and Fiat is just a Warrior having a sword and a shield. There's a barely a possibility of that warrior loosing a battle against those that doesn't have this defence material. A crypto wallet that accepts both cryptocurrencies and fiats tends to ease traders of some tension and having such is my taste. The mobile wallet I'd be reviewing today is the Cryptonator. Well, if you're looking for how to be a complete trader in the sense of having a wallet that supports multiple cryptos and supplements it with the support of Fiat, then that means you should try out the Cryptonator wallet. Looking at it's background, the Cryptonator wallet is a completely anonymous wallet (a wallet that doesn't require much of users personal information but just a few and none for at times) that has been in the crypto wallet industry for a while now (since the year 2014). It is a wallet that has an in-built exchange platform that serves the sole purpose of easi g traders off the stress of exchanging their funds elsewhere.

Accessing their services is strict as they have their mobile applications in desktop devices that uses the Windows or Mac operating systems and mobile devices that are either Android or iPhone supporting. As for their web, they allow only the use of Chrome and Firefox. I don't have a Firefox browser and that made me use the Chrome browser (as for the mobile application, I'd be downloading the Android version soon). I started by using the web just to see how their services are and if I love it, I would acquire their mobile application (and presently, I think I'm loving it). The Cryptonator wallet has a nice UI that is easy to understand by both new and old traders, their interface seems a bit sluggish at times but I guess the mobile application version would be better in that area (as seen in the comments on the Playstore). The exchange platform seems to understand the fact that the world has a language difference and has made their platform available to people speaking five different languages namely: English language, French, German, Spanish and Russian. These languages looks carefully selected as three of them happens to be very popular. The wallet uses the 2 Factor Authentication as a security measures and stores their users funds offline (the safest means). Having an account is a bit fast (although not as fast as some other wallets I have an account on). I really hope they work on the speed of their web platform.

Pros & cons

  • The wallet is completely anonymous, which makes it a useful item for people that love anonymity
  • It accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and supplements it with the acceptance of fiats like USD, EUR and many others
  • Stores funds offline and uses the 2 Factor Authentication which makes it secured from hackers
  • It is a multilingual wallet as it interpretes it's in five different languages
  • Available on mobile, desktop and the web
  • The wallet isn't regulated, makes me scared
  • Their web platform is really slow, although the comments says the mobile application is faster