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Review on imToken Wallet by Ibrahim Sunday

ImToken wallet; my experience and opinion

ImToken was regarded to be the largest ethereum market. As a newbie in the crypto market then, I opted in and store my assets there. A lot of people chose it because of its easy to use interfac
The need for a secured affordable and easy to use wallet has been the demand of every crypto trader. As issues of stolen coins on wallets is becoming alarming

Im token was created in consen lab and it was launched in 2016, and intended to be only an ethereum wallet. But as time goes on, there was need to include other

It has cool dapp futures. I would recommend it to absolute beginners in the crypto market(newbies

Pros & cons

  • It has one of the best interface which attracts anyone.
  • You could earn through the dapps, the games, though its not much.
  • I recommend it to beginners, as it is to use
  • It has hardware compatibility with trazor and ledger nano hardware wallets
  • It is being over rated in my opinion.