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Description of NEM Nano Wallet

The NEM Nano Wallet is a light version of the NEM wallet for those that don't want to runn a full node and store the blockchain. It allows users to send XEM, mosiacs, and messages to any address/namespace. It also allows for multi-sigature and Multi-User Accounts. Users can buy and sell directly on the wallet through the integrated Changelly Instant Exchange. The NEM Nano Wallet is compatible with OSX, Windows, Linux, and more.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A wallet that makes a difference

Hello everyone. Today I will write to you about Nem Nano Wallet. Nem Nano Wallet is a version created by Nem Wallet for the convenience of users. Its features are a lot compared to a light version, but it's a really useful wallet. I first looked at the official website. Full information was given to customers about the wallet. This made me happy, because many wallets do not need such information on their sites. But considering such information is essential for customer growth. The wallet is…

  • very easy to use
  • Full information about the wallet has been provided on the official website
  • there are some security problems
  • It is only created for computers, so it does not support mobile phones.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

one of the most convenient and reliable wallets NEM Nano Wallet

Dear people. NEM Nano supports the NEM network and only the local blocking token - XEM - or other cryptocurrencies built with NEX technology. The NEM Nano wallet has an affordable and highly responsive customer support team. You can contact them by leaving a support ticket on the 'Contact Us' page of the NEM website or by contacting them on official social media sites through the live chat feature on the NEM website. The wallet user interface is very intuitive and ideal for beginners. There is…

  • safe wallet
  • open source
  • The wallet user interface is very intuitive and ideal for beginners
  • No

Revainrating 4 out of 5

NEM Nano Wallet is the Smart Asset blockchain

NEM is the Smart Asset blockchain. It is more than a cryptocurrency, it is a data management platform. This is the easiest and most economical way to bring blockchain technology into your business. NEM or New Economy Movement is a community-oriented cryptocurrency that traces the XEM symbol. NEM was originally launched as a fork of Nxt, but its creators eventually coded a completely new platform from scratch. The alpha version of the project was launched on June 25, 2014, and the first

  • The platform is evolving. Released NEM WeChat Wallet applications. The new application expands the functionality of the WeChat messenger. WeChat users will be able to bind NEM wallet addresses to contacts in order to subsequently send cryptocurrency transfers to each other directly through the messenger. And together with the Smart Asset System and catapult technology, the platform has a promising future.
  • The platform is not popular and not an asset.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A pleasant work area wallet for your nem coin

The NEM wallet is the authority wallet for NEM token. This one that expects you to download the full hub or blockchain which is cumbersome and convoluted is for beginners. The organization make another form of this wallet, the NEM nano wallet. It is the light form of the past wallet and doesn't expect clients to download the full hub blockchain. This one that has a great deal of captivating highlights which incorporate the purchase and sell of coins. The wallet he is in organization with the…

  • Despite the fact that it's anything but upheld on cell phones it permits you synchronize your work area application and your cell phone so you can see your exchange on your cell phone also
  • The wallet permits you to save your private keys to all gadgets I'm reestablishing your wallet whenever on another gadget
  • The wallet support purchase and sell of crypto explicitly the nem
  • Well I consider it's anything but a massive application as I favor something considerably more versatile like the portable variant of this one did

NEM Nano wallet is an open source wallet, that upholds the capacity of NEM coins. It's anything but a light form of the Nano wallet. The NEM Nano wallet is accessible in assortment of gadgets like the windows, iOS and some more. Be that as it may, it's anything but accessible in cell phones. The security of this wallet isn't ensured, as it permits multi clients. Making it simple for tricksters and programmers to approach .o The security of this wallet isn't ensured, as it permits multi…

  • upheld by huge local area
  • open source wallet
  • multi signature wallet
  • The security isn't ensured

Nem Nano Wallet is a variant of Nem Wallet designed for user convenience. It has a lot more features compared to the lite version, but it's a really handy wallet. I started by going to the official website. Customers were provided complete information on the wallet. This pleased me, as many wallets do not require such information on their websites. However, taking such information into account is critical for consumer growth. The wallet is simple to operate. Simply save it to your computer…

  • On the official website, you can get detailed information about the wallet.
  • Extremely simple to use
  • It was designed just for desktops, thus mobile phones are not supported.
  • There may be some issues with security.

NEM Mobile Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can easily and securely store and keep your cryptocurrencies. First of all, the top priority people look for in a wallet is trust. If you can guarantee that you will provide people with a reliable and useful service, people will choose you. This wallet was actually a very reliable and successful wallet. I was using it too, but currently there is no access to the wallet in any way. No information was given by the authorities on this…

  • It was a really useful and nice wallet.
  • It had an application available on phones.
  • The transactions you are doing are definitely not slow.
  • Currently, this platform is not active.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

NEM NANO wallet available

The NEM Nona wallet is one of the official wallets. Although it has its own features, being one of the useful wallets, it has a lot of features compared to the light version. The wallet is easy to use and affordable. And offers good services. That is, the interface is easy to use and a lightweight wallet. The wallet also has an attractive feature. That is, you have the ability to store and buy coins. High security can also be combined with mobile devices. Allows users to store their personal…

  • NEM NANO portable wallet
  • Storage of personal information
  • Available only for desktop devices

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The NEM Nano Wallet, Is Lighter And That Makes It Better

MMany people believes that "lighter is better." If that's your slogan, then I guess the NEM Nano wallet should be your choice. This is because the NEM Nano wallet is the lighter version of the NEM wallet. This is a crypto wallet that is available for only desktop devices and have their desktop applications on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. The wallet is also a multi signature wallet, making it possible for more than a person to have access to a single wallet. They also allow creation

  • The NEM Nano wallet is a lighter version of the NEM mobile wallet
  • They have a good interface
  • They make use of encryption for their users private keys and passwords
  • Users are left in control of their private keys
  • The wallet is available for only desktop devices

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A very nice desktop wallet for your nem coin

The NEM wallet is the official wallet for NEM token. This one that requires you to download the full node or blockchain which is very bulky and complicated is for newbies. The company make another version of this wallet, the NEM nano wallet. It is the light version of the previous wallet and does not require users to download the full node blockchain. This one that has a lot of enticing features which include the buy and sell of coins. The wallet he is in partnership with the challenge…

  • Even though it is not supported on mobile devices it allows you synchronise your desktop app and your mobile phone so that you can see your transaction on your mobile phone as well
  • The wallet allows you to save your private keys to all devices I'm restoring your wallet anytime on another device
  • The wallet support buy and sell of crypto specifically the nem
  • Well I see it as a very bulky app as I prefer something much more portable like the mobile version of this one did

NEM Nano wallet is an open source wallet, that supports the storage of NEM coins. It is a light version of the Nano wallet. The NEM Nano wallet is available in variety of devices like the windows, iOS and many more. But it is not available in mobile devices. The security of this wallet is not guaranteed, as it allows multi users. Making it easy for scammers and hackers to have access .o The security of this wallet is not guaranteed, as it allows multi users. Making it easy for scammers and…

  • supported by large community
  • open source wallet
  • available in variety of platform
  • multi signature wallet
  • doesn't support mobile devices
  • The security is not guaranteed

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Nem nano

This wallet offers us its best services Since it has an easy to use interface. And an optimal service to have our coins protected by a wallet with the name of this company so acclaimed in the market is only its speed that You have to improve a little so you don't have to wait so long in transactions

  • Excellent user services
  • Speed

in synthesis this wallet fulfills its function, besides it is fast and it is not necessary complex procedures for creation and endorsement of the wallet.

  • It is available for several platforms, linux, windows and mac. It supports the NEM currency within its environment, compatible with the various external wallets and helps keep assets safe from possible attacks or some theft. It is possible to save assets in a secure way, remembering to make backup of private keys safely. It is possible to have multi-user accounts, within the wallet you can make trading
  • The procedure for downloading is extremely simple. For shipping and receiving it is very similar to other wallets. It is usually slow for synchronization with some connections, I consider it should be light verifications.

The wallet is the official wallet for holding NEM coins. It’s freely available online and easy to access. If you are interested in storing XEM tokens in a very secure way. The NEM Nano Wallet is a good option for users which are interested in this cryptocurrency. It is easy and free to use, so you can be sure that it will be a great tool for you. If you choose to install it on your personal computer, make sure you backup the files for added security.

  • 🔹Everything is straightforward, and the signin process is quick. 🔹Managing multiple accounts and local address books. 🔹Displaying recent transactions on an interactive messaging interface. 🔹Compatible with OSX, Windows, Linux, and more. 🔹Sending a payment on this wallet takes a min. 🔹The 0.1% transaction fee is lower than what most platforms charge. 🔹It has a secure, coded from scratch security and a multi signature system to add better security to the wallet.
  • 🔸The wallet app is below standard. 🔸The messaging service is quite expensive. 🔸It doesn’t keep your transaction details private. They claim this feature is beneficial to business operators. 🔸Deficiency an active customer support team.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The official wallet for NEM blockchain!

NEM Nano Wallet is the official wallet for the NEM blockchain lover. The wallet is very lightweight, well-designed, and is not so difficult to use. Once the users can understand how it works, it will become very useful. However, it seems that the wallet is mainly created for the developers so the way it delivers the functions is quite exotic to the knowledge of normal users. This needs some slight changes

  • - NEM Nano satisfied me as a lightweight wallet which does not need to have a very strong mobile phone to run un. From the download progress to the set up progress, the whole time it takes is just a few minute. This is because the wallet does not need to download all the data and become a node like other wallet. This is just a client made to be used widely
  • - Account registration does not last so long. To have a NEM account, users must firstly set a password for their app which is not necessary to be long. After that, they can can start accessing an address using three ways. They can enter they private key of a NEM address they possess, or they can scan the QR code of the account, or create a brand new account for themselves. Users can create an unlimited number of accounts, as many as they want. However, managing all of them is nothing so difficult. Harvest details can also be checked via the app. All of the these things are all simple and quick. With the accounts they have, it is possible that they can create a multi sign account. Users private keys will be held by themselves and the developers of this app does not have any right or ability to seize them as all the data of users are encrypted before reaching the servers
  • - The outlook is simple but nice enough to say it is so intrigue. This is a different level of simplicity which some wallets need to adopt
  • - Sending and Receiving is extremely easy, fast, and convenient. To receive, users just need to touch on QR code section and they will be given their own address and QR code for it(can be . About sending, it is as basic as transferring on other wallet; but transaction fee can be adjusted. The address book on the wallet was synced with the contact book on the phone to easily recognize the acquaintances
  • - The wallet is founded by the developers behind NEM Foundation so it is totally trusted
  • - There are a lot of things allowed to be configured to enhance the experience of the users; for example, users can choose the languages for display, set up invoice message, set primary account, switch between the servers and so on
  • - It is very easy to accidentally delete the existing account on the wallet and this may be painful to everybody if they forgot to note down their private keys
  • - It's hard from the beginning to figure out how to send and receive with the wallet properly. To send XEM, you have to press 'New' (why not 'Send') and to receive, you have to press 'QR code' (there are more things inside than just QR codes
  • - The wallet use some confusing technical language on it but there is no obvious guidelines on what these part are for. The solution is renaming these parts with simple terms or showing some explanation or tips to help the users
  • - It does not support the balance display in fiat currencies while most of the wallet add this feature to be more convenient