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Review on Pungo Wallet by Danh Huỳnh Ngọc Công

Pungo - Give it a try!

These days, sending and receiving cryptocurrency is not the most important factor for wallet products because the transfer function is almost completed now. The pioneers and change-makers have been shaping the market into an advanced playground where the wallets with the most shining features win the users. Launched in June 2019, Pungo Wallet is a wallet that made to be ready for satisfying the needs of mature cryptocurrency enthusiasts and beginners in the blockchain field. I had some opinions about the app after a time using it.

The first thing I want to talk about is the open source code and is also my favorite topic about wallet products. By publishing Pungo code lines on Github, the team behind it strengthens the confidence of the users using the wallet to store their assets. The users, developers or anyone from the community can do due diligence to verify the rationality of every line. Nextly, users are the ones who hold their own private key. A transaction may require authorization from the owners before it is executed. Pungo is also a wallet available on multiple platforms. Everyone can find it on Android, iOS, use it on the website or download it in APK file. This shows its high accessibility which supports the users to manage their balance easily. Pungo is not just a wallet that users only use it to send, receive, or store their assets but they also enjoy different functions. The wallet allows the purchase of coins/tokens with fiat through Sepa EU bank transfer. Besides, Liquid function helps users create OTC orders so their desires to quickly trade the assets for the other ones will be proceeded faster. With Spend function, no one could say cryptocurrencies have hardly any significant use cases anymore. Pungo is negotiating with merchants around the globe to get them to accept coins/tokens as a payment method. Services and products in telecom, entertainment, games, travel, etc. are the real-life things that users will be able to get thanks to Pungo. The wallet has a wide targeted user as it now supports more than 1500 coins/tokens. What’s more, users can order a Master Card named Spark for themselves used along with the mobile app. The developers also care much about the customer experience when having put a lot of useful setting options to let users personalize their app.

However, not all the thing about this product is perfect. While the design of the wallet is simple and easy to get used to after several times of trying, the icons and buttons should be more understandable as it is confusing to me when I first encounter them. They should also choose another interesting font to make their product more outstanding. Secondly, functions such as purchasing cryptocurrencies with bank transfer are limited to a small number of countries. Additionally, they should add more functions that are very “blockchain” to Pungo. For example, they can add apps browser to help users interact with different blockchains right on their wallet.

Conclusion: Pungo is a wallet that I recommend and I think it will be preferred by many people. While the number of functions is limited, the design is not top-tiered, and the accessibility to some features is not great, Pungo is still a product with transparency, security, personalization, good basic functions, and efforts to bring about mass adoption.

Pros & cons

  • Simply nice design
  • A lightweight app
  • Good security, transparent source code
  • Good basic funtions
  • Purchase crypto with fiat
  • Great personalization
  • Multiple platform availability
  • Over 1500 coins/tokens supported
  • Real-life use cases for crypto
  • Physical "Spark card"
  • Layout can be better
  • Limited number of functions
  • Limited usage to some countries