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Experient Event Design

Great people, always willing to go above and beyond for our events! The team is friendly, knowledgeable, passionate about what they do, and very easy to work with from start-to-finish. They take care of all aspects of an event - production/event management, creative direction, audio visual needs, marketing materials, etc. We have used them for several years now and would not think twice if we needed another vendor in future. For one thing; I don't know how many other companies offer this level of service at such affordable rates!! If you are looking for great customer service, this is it! Nothing really comes to mind as far as negative points. Working together has been wonderful since day 1! Our last two major projects were both done by Experient and those teams continue to be outstanding partners. Both times, there was some challenge getting information across regarding budgeting. See full review

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Dynamo Events

I love how easy it is to create a website for my business! The staff is very friendly and helpful. They have been able to make our websites look amazing with their talent! I would like more options of different themes. My website looks very similar to other companies. I think there should be more variety of themes available. If you are looking for someone who can design your website and also take care of your hosting, this is the place to go! The customer service is amazing. Great people to work with. I am so happy I found them! I have used them for several years now and they always deliver.See full review

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Adelante Live

I have always had good experiences at advertising through this platform. The staff is always very helpful and makes recommendations that are relevant to my business' goals. The layout of their website can be confusing sometimes with how things function, which takes some time to figure out. As long as you get trained in all the features it will be fine to use them. If you're looking for a new way to go about creating campaigns, they can help guide you. They helped guide me into using another social media network that is now helping with the growth of our reach. The team at ADELANTE is very knowledgeable about how to market any product or service in today's world of social media promotion! They are always available when you have questions that need answering quickly!! I would recommend them highly if your looking into new ways to promote products/services effectively online through Facebook ads (and other forms). Nothing really- they do great work with their campaigns. See full review

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ENCE Marketing Group

I have worked in various organizations where we had multiple projects running at one time - which made it hard for us as marketers (we were only part of sales force) working closely together towards achieving business goals within stipulated times! The people over here understand this very well & they manage resources/time accordingly without any hassles from my end. There is no such thing like too much knowledge or learning when dealing wth them!! They deliver what exactly was promised during client meetings alongwith recommendations if required!! Excellent team who always strive their way high! Keep doing great work guys. ! See full review

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CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser Fragrance

Cream-gel for washing is something new for me, and I love everything new. I have a miniature, in the full-size version, a more convenient pump dispenser, in my case, just a screw cap. The company is American, but the products are made in France. Sold in many online stores, as well as pharmacy chains. Even the miniature has the brand name stamped on the side. This product is suitable for face and body. I used for the face. At first I considered it as an option for make-up removal, but something didn’t work out, removing makeup with it is a rather long process, no matter how I tried, everything spreads, smears, you can wash it off endlessly, all the same, micellar water is closer and more comfortable to me. In addition, the description contains conflicting facts that it is suitable for removing makeup, but at the same time, in case of contact with eyes, they must be thoroughly rinsed. The next step was to apply after make-up remover to wash off the micellar water (I am of the opinion that micellar water still needs to be washed off, despite the marks of the manufacturers "does not require rinsing"). Cream-gel in consistency is closer to cream, has a light cloudy color. but when applied, it really feels like a gel formula. It is rather unusual to wash with a cream formula, but it is washed off well and quickly, it does not foam at all, so there are no questions about this. There is practically no smell, barely perceptible even if you directly dip your nose into the bottle), and this confirms the absence of fragrances in the composition. The composition contains synthetic components, but such active components that the manufacturer focuses on as ceramides and hyaluronic acid, unfortunately, are at the end of the list, which means their small amount in the product. What can I say about the effect - it moisturizes very well, I felt it on the lips, now it is winter and the lips require special care, and if in the evening there is a feeling of dryness and tightness on the lips, while washing with CeraVe cream-gel, the lips soften like after a moisturizer , dryness disappears instantly, so the composition, if considered from the side of naturalness, is not very good, but it works. Not bad as a morning care, can also be considered as an option. My face, in principle, is not problematic, so I didn’t feel any special changes, it cleanses, moisturizes normally, after cleansing there is a feeling that I used the cream, but there is no stickiness film, I don’t feel any discomfort during and after washing, allergic reactions were noted. One nuance, this cream-gel could not wash off two-phase micellar water with oils, this should be taken into account. Suitable for normal to dry skin care, given that it removes oil products poorly, I think owners of oily skin should consider another option. What can I say, in general, the product is quite good, I liked it as an option for the last stage of cleansing and moisturizing, given that it moisturizes so well, it is perfect for skin prone to dryness. Of course, it turns out interesting, in my opinion, it is better to apply this cleanser on a pre-cleansed face, this is the only way I feel 100% cleansing and moisturizing, and if there is a positive effect, then why not. Although taking into account that the product is suitable for lovers of multi-stage cleansing, not everyone will like this care. See full review

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I like the ease of use of CMR. It is very user friendly and I love the ability to customize the site to fit my needs. I have not had any issues with CMR. It is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a service provider. I am not a fan of the hotel selection and the fact that it is not all inclusive with regards to amenities. I would like to see more options for hotels. I have used CMR to pull registrations for a trade show and a convention. It was a lot of work, but I am glad that I was able to pull them off. See full review

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Aardcom Event Registration

The ease of use is great! There's not much to dislike about this software other than it would be nice if there was more customization available for your event (i'm sure that will come). I've been using their services since they started offering them back when i used my previous job at another tech vendor years ago - so we're already familiar with how things work here now :) They offer many different types/sizes packages as well which helps keep costs low while still providing enough value added tools or features like video booths etc.. All events are held via our own website but also have an app where people who aren't able to attend physically may view from home /wherever else by downloading onto any mobile device such as iPads ect... See full review

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CONEXSYS Registration

I worked at Connexys once upon time, but my experience was very limited to their registration software only because of that fact! However, we did have some great customer support from them as well during our first year using it (we used this system through out college). The best thing about conexsys is its ability to customize everything you need/want - so there are no limitations when choosing what features work or dont fit into whatever situation you're looking at solving!! It's been awhile since i've seen anything specific that they could improve- however if any changes were made then those would be helpful improvements overall. We had an issue where one student registered twice due to us not knowing how many students entered early enough before class started which caused issues later down the road after everyone got seated etc.. See full review

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SENSODYNE PRONAMEL Intensive Toothpaste Strengthening

I usually don’t overpay for advertised brands - like in that Gala powder advertisement, why pay more and I always use Gala powder and am satisfied. But I don't skimp on health. Teeth, unfortunately, are my eternal problem and a lifetime expense. Since childhood, my parents dragged me to the dentists and I am a regular customer there. I don’t know why: I ate the same thing as my parents, they both had good teeth. And with age, the enamel also wears off. At first, dentists said that it was from the wrong taste. After prosthetics they say that from prostheses. But sensitivity worries me. I have tried all sorts of toothpastes in my life: on the recommendations of doctors, and on the recommendations of friends, and on advertising, and simply bought at random. And least of all I'm worried about sensitivity after using Sensodin brand pastes, and any. Took this for the first time. I did not notice any difference from other pastes of the Sensodin line. As for me, it has a pleasant aftertaste, gives freshness, cleans well, teeth are less sensitive after brushing. I will buy along with other pastes of this brand in the future. Although I would also note one drawback - it does not help with bleeding gums. If the manufacturers made two in one, it would be ideal: for sensitive teeth and against bleeding gums. See full review logo

The dashboard view has been very helpful in seeing where we are at as far reaching goals go within our organization (we're trying to increase revenue while decreasing costs). I wish there was more customization options available when viewing reports or metrics that could be customized by department instead just being able see all departments combined together under one metric/report option would also work better! It's not something you can't do but it takes some time getting used too because they have made this process quite difficult compared other companies who make things much easier than what metricta offers now days!! Try them out if your looking into creating new ways around how people look up their key performance indicators across different areas such financials etc.. See full review

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