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Freeman Audio Visual Canada

The best part of working here is that it's very easy for me to get along with my coworkers because everyone has their own personalities which makes work fun! I like how they are always making sure you're comfortable at all times by offering water or coffee if needed. They also have great customer service so there isn't much else i can say about this place other than what was already said above. It seems as though most employees enjoy coming into work everyday and having some sort of interaction even when not directly related to your job duties. See full review

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Gillette Venus Womens Disposable Sensitive

Good day Dear readers of the site . I have been using the Gillette Venus women's razor for over six months. The razor is very beautiful, there is in blue, and there is in pink. I have a pink razor. It has removable heads, a razor with 3 blades. The heads are bendable, there are moisturizing tapes on top and bottom. The razor has a comfortable handle, it is convenient to hold it in your hands. I could not use the razor for a long period, it became dull very quickly. I bought a removable head, installed it, and this head was also enough for me for one month. This razor is not cheap, but in my opinion, it does not justify these means. Unfortunately, I give this razor two stars and do not recommend it for use. Thank you for your attention to my review. All good. See full review

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Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets Complete

Dentistry is such a quivering side of our life that, perhaps, few of us will not pay attention to another vaunted and tested tool developed in this area to help patients. I have long been a fan of American pharmaceutical products aimed at caring for the preservation of teeth and gums. Efferdent Plus Denture Cleanser effervescent soluble tablets are known and popular all over the world due to their low cost and decent quality. Judging by the reviews, everyone uses this drug: both young people and older people. My favorite flavor option is mint flavored tablets. The method of use is simple: dissolve an effervescent tablet in 12 cups of boiled water, rinse not only the gums, the sublingual region, but also the throat! (I usually divide the dosage into 2 parts, since the size of the tablet itself is from a 10 ruble coin). I order these disinfectant tablets on the website of an online store (there are more than 100 pieces in a package, the cost is about 430 rubles). Like any drug, this drug is not without drawbacks. I noticed that if you use it too often at night, an unpleasant aftertaste appears in the morning. But: well heals wounds after extracted teeth; applied gruel from a tablet to superficial herpes - the effect exceeded expectations! Efferdent Plus tablets were appreciated even by our grandmother: she disinfects her dentures in their solution! I will not reassure those who suffer especially: unfortunately, this drug does not cure periodontitis, but it copes with ulcerative gingivitis! Therefore, it's worth a try! See full review

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I like how easy it was to use - everything about this program is great! From scheduling to invoicing, paying bills; etc., you can do all of your financial tasks in one place from using the software's mobile app or desktop version! There are several features that need improvement such as uploading documents online but they have good intentions of adding more functionality so keep an eye out for those future updates! It really helps with our accounting process and saves us time since we aren't doing it separately! The ability to store photos, edit them, and organize them in groups was perfect. I used it all the time when I worked at another photo studio. It would also give me an idea of how many clients I had coming through my door each day. It's no longer available to use. I believe they ended up selling it off to somebody else who made something similar but better. I wish I could have continued using it. We were able to keep track of all our clients, their appointments, and what pictures we had taken of them. See full review

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Focus HQ

I like that Focus HQ is able to track all of our projects, from the smallest to the largest. We are also able to assign team members to each project, which is helpful for keeping track of who is working on what. I dislike that I have to log into Focus HQ on my computer when I want to access it, and that I have to log in every time I want to access it. I would like to be able to access it from my phone or from my computer at work. I am able to keep track of all of our projects, and I am also able to assign team members to each project. See full review

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Stretcher Moocoo Multi Level Herniated Scoliosis

I have been looking at massage bridges on Aliexpress for a long time, but until recently I was in no hurry to buy, and not so long ago I suddenly realized that I needed it, I was tired of back pain and wanted to correct the spine after a long work in a sitting position. Having chosen a budget option on Aliexpress, I placed a quick order, and after just four weeks, I was able to fully evaluate this product. This is not a big device: This board arches in three positions: lower, higher, and highest. I would recommend starting with the lowest and then increasing the deflection after a few days, since immediately lying on a large arch will be painful and not safe. The pimples with which the board is covered do not dig into the back, and do not bring any discomfort. In general, this massager can withstand a load of up to 80 kg, people who are heavier can lie on it, but I'm afraid it will break. For example: my mother, weighing 84 kg, felt how he crunched under her, thank God, at least he didn’t break. And even the stiffeners on the reverse side are clearly not designed for heavy weight. The massager really helps, when you first lay it on it, you feel how the spine crunches, the vertebrae return to the required position. In addition, there is a stretching of the back, and if at first it is very difficult to lie down for at least 30 seconds, then in the future the back muscles are stretched and it turns out to lie longer. The effect after this massager is felt immediately. Firstly, tension disappears, secondly, pain decreases, and savings on massages in massage parlors, the ability to relax your back at any convenient moment are also good bonuses in favor of this board. The issue price is about 11 dollars, in my opinion a very humane cost. I recommend this massager to all people who want a healthy back, but taking into account the weight category. See full review

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We have been using TaskBlitz for about 2 years now. It's helped us organize our projects and tasks (both internal and external) in a way that we can easily access them from anywhere, at any time. I would like to see some more intuitive features added to the system - especially when it comes to adding new users. Also, having multiple projects open in one view is sometimes confusing. Our team has used this tool to manage its project workflows, as well as collaborate with other teams. In addition to being able to store all of our project information in one place, we're also able to share documents and links between different projects. See full review

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Lion Brand Yarn 923 209 Birthday

In addition to homemade zucchini muffins, I also like to knit something original for my kids. Now long scarves are fashionable. So I promised my eldest such a scarf. The yarn was chosen for hand knitting by Yarn Art baby color. Made in Turkey, 100% acrylic. The color was chosen together with my daughter. She said the colors reminded her of chocolate chip ice cream. For this yarn, only hand washing is possible. I chose knitting needles No. 3 and knitted a tester. The yarn is soft to the touch, does not creak, is pleasant to the body, does not prick. A slight "shaggy" thread gives the impression that it is natural wool. The thread glides well, knits quickly and quite economically. It took me three skeins to make a long scarf in three turns. Yarn costs only 60 rubles per skein. So, for 180 rubles, my daughter got just such a new thing. Now, in the morning, my daughter hides her nose in this scarf with pleasure and does not freeze on the street. See full review

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Data Ladder Entity Resolution Software

The user interface is very easy for new users as it explains all features in simple words which can be understood by beginners easily too! There are few bugs that I am facing but they have been fixed now after some time so no worries about them anymore :) It resolves your data entry issues of multiple entries into single row or column without any errors at high speed when compared against other similar tools out there! Highly recommended product!! Great tool if we need fast result delivery from our database tables!! See full review

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I like that it's very intuitive - no training required! There are some things you need more time with than other tools in order get used them but overall we're really happy so far because they've been able solve our problems right away without any issues at all from us as an agency or clients using this tool together. We have had zero complaints about anything since getting started last week!! So many different types/categories within each area which makes finding what your looking specifically super simple too :) If there were one thing i could change? Maybe make sure people know exactly where everything goes when creating new areas instead if just being told "this will go here" etc.. But honestly once someone gets familiar wtih work board itself then figuring out those details isn't much harder either :). As mentioned above though; great product &; highly recommend over alternatives such as Google sheets + spreadsheets ;).See full review

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