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Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
Content Management, Online Proofing

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Description of MediaMarkup

MediaMarkup is an online file approval tool for image, PDF and video files, allowing collaborators to markup, annotate and approve designs, videos and artwork.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

"MarkupTools is great for collaborative document creation "

I like that you can draw shapes in different colors over pictures or images (for example red lines around text). You cannot save your work as it's always saved with someone else who has access so be sure yoou're comfortable before using this software! It takes some time getting used too but once familiarized there are no problems what-so ever when working witn other users of mark up tools such us Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop etc..It may seem expensive at first compared t oother free…

  • I love the ease of use,the user friendly interface and how responsive they are
  • I am not fond of how much time sometimes it takes for my images to completely convert

It's easy enough that it can be used by non-technical users (and even those without any technical skills). The interface has been streamlined over time so there are fewer steps involved in using this software than other similar products out there. I wish they would add more features but overall their support team is great! We use media mark up as part of our workflow when creating content for clients like websites or social platforms. This allows us to keep track of changes made throughout…

  • Works across all devices including mobile phones..Very few bugs compared most CMSs you see these days..And best yet? A very reasonable price tag!! :)
  • Some little things

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Review for Wdesk document hosting & collaboration platform

I like that it's very easy of use and has many features such as comments in different colors etc.. Sometimes when you have multiple people commenting at once or trying to change something they can't because there are too many things open so this takes some time! Make sure you spend enough money if your not going into business with only $100-$200 budgeted per month. The ability to comment on images using color coding, which helps keep track of what changes where made by who. This saves a lot o…

  • Easy to navigate and understand, and very easy to use
  • It is very slow, very laggy