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wodfitters resistance bands for pull up assistance, stretching, mobility workouts, warm up, recovery, powerlifting, home fitness and exercise… logo

These are amazing! I haven't worked out in a long time, I mean its been years and I live to far from a gym so I watched videos on youtube about these as I needed something to help me workout at home because I don't have much room for various machines. I have been working out doing full body workouts with these every 3 days and eating right and I am seeing HUGE progress in building muscle and burning fat (I had some belly fat and my arms had almost no tone before) I often look at my arms and feelSee full review

charger thinkpad touchscreen ultrabook connector logo

Based on my experience, this laptop charger is a life-saver for anyone in need of a reliable charger. Its touchscreen connector makes it easy to use, and the compact design makes it convenient to carry around. I appreciate its compatibility with a range of computers which makes it a versatile option for all users .However, the only downside is that it is a bit PRICEY compared to other similar products on the market. Nonetheless, it's a great investment for anyone who needs a dependable laptop chSee full review

32oz white porcelain tea pot with stainless steel infuser and lid - perfect for blooming & loose leaf teas by le tauci. logo

I really like this teapot. It makes 3+ mugs of tea and keeps it warm. The top stays on when pouring, and the opening is large enough to slip my hand inside when washing it. The strainer for loose tea looks silky and the holes are barely visible; I’m sure it will catch even the smallest particles of tea leaf. The shape of the teapot is simple but elegant, and the handle is large enough to grip without burning your knuckles. My only wish is that it came in more colors.See full review

sls3 hydroquick handheld running water bottle - perfect companion for runners - german designed with zippered pocket - 10oz capacity logo

Works perfectly. I need some water when I’m running 4+ miles and this is just right. Love that I can also throw an energy gel or my keys in the pouch. Works perfectly and is very comfortable to run with. See full review

3m sunwear ss1514as s anti scratch coating logo

As my tests showed this sunwear failed to live up to its promise of anti-scratch coating. The lens got scratched easily, making it difficult to see in bright sunlight. The only good thing about this product is that it's comfortable to wear, but that doesn`t redeem its subpar quality. i wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking for reliable personal protective equipment..See full review

giftgarden woodgrain picture ledge shelf set - 24 inch black floating shelves for storage in home and office, set of 3 different sizes logo

I give it a 4 rather than 5 because the one shelf is really not big enough to hold much of anything. THe two shleves with a bit more depth are nice.See full review

kes s2008s62a-ch bathroom sink drain pop up with overflow, all metal rustproof polished chrome brass and stainless steel stopper. logo

more brass used than before - top threads into the original design and the pop up works much better and will hopefully be more reliable See full review

felt furniture pads -278 pcs furniture pads hardwoods floors self adhesive, cuttable felt chair pads, anti scratch floor protectors for furniture feet chair legs, furniture felt pads , black & beige logo

protect the floors.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The various sizes and shapes are exactly what I needed. I will use them on all the furniture legs to protect the floors. Shift very quickly from where they were placed. See full review

winter ready: unisex hiking boots with non-slip sole, water resistance, & soft lining logo

Not only do I like the color, but the boots are very comfortable. They are on the wide side but I think that is what allowed me to use my orthotics without having to take the insole out. They keep my feet warm as well.See full review

ebc brakes gd7254 dimpled slotted logo

As someone who loves to push my car to the limit, the EBC Brakes GD7254 Dimpled Slotted brake system TAKES the cake as the perfect upgrade. As my tests showed, these brakes offer incredible stopping power and are highly durable, making for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience... The dimpling and slotting on the rotors also help to prevent brake fade, which is a huge plus. The only downside is the price point, but it's worth the investment for such high-quality performance car parts in tSee full review

fuwenni men's sherpa fleece lined denim trucker jacket - winter jean cowboy coat for best seo logo

dont buy this product the photo is plain wrong ,the fit is nonexeistent the quality is subpar and i dont recommend it Thanks for attention. See full review

women's casual graphic tees - short sleeve crew neck tops with letter print design by anbech logo

So cute. Love the message. Makes me smile. Comfortable fabric. Good size, fit and length. Looking forward to buying others.See full review

zipp battery ytx20l-bs maintenance free replacement battery for powersports equipment: 12v, 1.8a, 18ah, t3 nut and bolt terminal logo

battery is smaller than OEM.does not come with hardware .longer bolt and bushing for a good cable install . My battery arrived with a bent positive post like it had been dropped . I live out in the desert with not much around and had to straighten it out and make things workSee full review

dorman solutions 911 064 evaporative emissions logo

Using this product, our team found that our automotive emissions were SIGNIFICANTLY reduced .Not only did this make us feel good about our environmental impact, but it also resulted in improved engine performance. The installation process was a bit tricky, but once we got it done we were pleased with the results. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking to clean up their emissions and boost their vehicle`s performance..See full review

dorman 742 608 toyota scion window logo

Thanks to my knowledge gained in practice I was able to replace my Scion's faulty windows with Dorman 742 608's, and I am pleased with the results. these heavy-duty windows work seamlessly and are sure to last for years to come..See full review

high-quality jensen 8-inch green speaker (c8r8): elevate your audio experience logo

Relace an 8 ohm 8-inch Orange "voice of the world" white lable stock speaker in a sealed 8" combo from Orange, the Crush 20rt. Previously there was a stuffy/boxy tone that managed to reflect out from the stock speaker. The jensen c8r-8 seems to have tamed that at moderate/bedroom volumes. Addionaly, the stock tone was a more modern mid and bass heavy, with a little something missing from the detail/headroom. This is a solid state amp, and the dirty channel got muddy fast, and at low volume. The See full review

upgrade your interior with voodonala's rear seat cup holder for f150 2021 – carbon fiber black (2pcs/set) logo

I recently installed Voodonala's Rear Seat Cup Holder in my F150 2021 and it has definitely upgraded my interior! These cup holders are made with carbon fiber material which gives it a sleek and stylish look. They are durable and can hold large cups with ease. The installation process was super easy and it only took me a few minutes to install them. I was surprised to see that they fit in perfectly in my truck's rear seat. These cup holders are definitely worth the price and they are a great addSee full review

hillman group 8974 concrete 4 inch logo

These screws are an excellent addition to any Industrial and Scientific toolkit. The dense steel construction ensures they easily stand up to any task .However their strength can be a drawback if you're working with something more delicate than concrete. Overall, theyre a reliable choice for anyone working in construction or DIY..See full review

12v/24v car & 110v/220v home electric lunch box heater - leak proof, portable deep green food warmer logo

Has a nice look to it, kind of vintage-masculine… it heats food, but doesn’t nuke it. Doesn’t get super hot in the way of cooking raw meat or boiling water. It makes leftovers warm. Heats evenly and works fairly quickly. My husband kind of eats and stirs with it on so the food stays warm. No temp control, one setting. No off switch, just unplug. The snaps on the sides are snug but hard plastic so be careful not to break/snap or it’s done for. It’s not fragile, has been dropped. It’s just simple See full review

bamboo 23 slot clear kitchen knife block organizer stand for cutlery storage accessories - no knives included logo

Loved everything except that it needs a front plastic panel. It is very easy to slide your hand underneath the unit and expose your hand to the blades. This is especially dangerous to families with children. I have improvised my own protective front which should be corrected on the design.See full review

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