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Review on Age of Rust by José A Rodríguez

A Promising Experience for a Multiverse Crypto-Game

Because of the rapid increase in technology, blockchain networks are being updated with great releases for the gambling sections. There are already many strategies and fictional games that provide excellent operativeness a fun whit rewarding quantities of cryptocurrencies. Others, however, although information has been posted, they are waiting for launching dates.

Ages of Rust is a game yet in development that bet magnifies the gambling experience in a utopian-multiverse interface. It is a game with unique qualities in the current market because it tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world. For me, this is the ideal game to play for hours while earning substantial cryptos. However, there's no reliable information about how prices are going to be established, what is the cost of certain daily-use items, or what are the fees to set up the game according to the wallet if there exists that modality.

Until know, Enjin's users will play with any wallet provided by that network, and they should deposit Rustbits. However, I do not highlight the number of tokens because it is not sure the current established are the original.

Currently, a pre-alpha version was released which shows just a little space in the inner world of the game. It is downloadable after confirming certain desktop requirements, but it does not require any wallet to be configured. Just a few aspects of the games are shown.

Through the preview trailer, I distinguished this game provides even a kind of virtual reality. All environments although are similar to other games differ from the real world because they are over destroyed. This game will count with multiple ecosystems and variations in the weather and elements, I noticed the player will have the chance of choosing the world, but it will depend on the level of trajectory. Moreover, every mission will be completed with puzzles of all kinds. So, in advance, I know this game provides strategy features beyond that the sci-fi operations.

I think it is better to wait for the whole version of the game, and my advice is to always go directly to the main platform providing the game. Remember this is a development coming from the Enjin's Dapps with a partnership of the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks. However, Age of Rust is really promising for a new age of fun and play beyond the galaxy, but in a multiverse full of missions, explorations, and active adventures.

Pros & cons

  • Provides an excellent representation of virtual reality and the world's change where multiple ecosystems are joined as part of the multiverse stage. The game mix action, adventure, and strategy to create an exciting experience.
  • Belongs to the Enjin's Dapps, which gives excellent value to this autonomous blockchain.
  • It offers a current partnership with the Ethereum and Blockchain networks. Rewards will present excellent and high operativeness.
  • Original features and sections already proved in the pre-alpha version released.
  • Supreme design and well-administration of HD qualities and graphics overall.
  • Nothing relevant to say due that the game has not been launched.