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Review on Blockchain Cuties by Joseph Bello

Breeding Your Own Monster On Blockchain Cuties

Monster Breeding games happens to be the most popular genre of games in the blockchain Network. They are divided in classes as some are more interesting than the other. These genre of game involves the player breeding a cute looking animal and preparing them for battles which when won, would give rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies.

One of such games is the Blockchain Cuties. The Blockchain Cuties is a completely decentralized and blockchain built game that is centered around having an egg, hatching it, breeding it, preparing it for battles and upgrading it. When a monster or cutie is upgraded, they tend to have a higher possibility of winning battles. This upgrade is determined by the number of wins which would bring back battle's spoils. The cuties are divided into three classes according to their level of complexity, speciality and strength. The first which happens to be the least complex and strong is the Normal. This ones are easier to get and most times are gifted to new players (because every new player is gifted a cutie to start with). There is a higher possibility of an egg hatching into a Normal cutie than any other class. The next is the Tribute. This one happens to be better than the normal as they possess more strength and are harder to get. They have a great possibility of winning a Normal cutie. The last, strongest, most complex and best cutie is the Unique. They are the best amongst all and has the possibility of winning the other two. When two unique cuties come against each other in battle, the level of your upgrade determines your victory.

Getting a cutie is very easy. As said earlier, every new player enjoys the gift of a cutie to start with. This cutie happens to be of less strength and purchasing another one would be better. There are many cuties available for sale from both players and the game providers and they use Ethereum for purchases. Another way of getting a cutie is by breeding. The breeding process involves bringing together of two cuties (the cuties here has no gender, making any two cutie qualified for the process) of lower strength to form one that is greater than them in all areas. I significantly prefer breeding to buying because breeding involves the bringing together of the qualities of both cutie to bring one that possess better qualities. For upgrades, the game providers has made three in-game currencies available. These are the Paw coins, cute coins and season pass tokens. These currencies can be gotten by playing and winning the game, they can also be purchased using Ethereum. The Cute coins can be used to buy items that would increase the strength or HP of the cutie, the Season pass tokens can be used to participate in challenges which would bring back rewards when won (and smaller ones if lost) and the Paw coin unlocks special items for the cuties.

Making money on this game is fast and easy. All you have to do is to gain mastery in the game. Live players are available for battle challenges. This would require you having a very strong cutie as one wouldn't know what to expect on the battle ground. When I was still new to the game, I accepted and requested for challenges several times and lost almost all. I had to upgrade my cutie very well before I had a higher percentage of win (as my cutie is now in the Tribute stage and would move to Unique anytime soon). They can also be sent on dangerous adventures which would require the cuties having to deal with whatsoever they encounter. This adventures includes places like the Windy Hills, Crimson Caverns, Snowy Mountains and the game providers has promised to bring more, or make more available in the nearest future. The adventure happens to bring more rewards than challenges but is the most dangerous way of making money.

Pros & cons

  • The game is decentralized which makes it free to access and play at anytime
  • Their customer support is really helpful
  • The adventures available can hardly be finished and they have even promised if adding more, this has made making of money on this game something that might never end
  • One can earn passive income from it
  • They have their in-game currency which can be acquired by winning battles and completing quests
  • Their design is not too beautiful and should be worked on
Joseph Bello
December 29, 2020
Building or developing a monster breeding game today demands you give the players something unique and peculiar to just you. As for the Blockchain cutie, I love the fact that their cuties has no gender and breeding is possible with any two like monsters