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Review on Gods Unchained by Özgün A

About the Gods unchained

It is a strategy game built on blockchain.

You can make purchases with crypto coins.

ERC-20 is supported and trades are made through smart contracts.

You build an army by purchasing monsters or finding and upgrading them.

Join tournaments and beat your opponents to get your share of the total prize. So you can improve your army and collect points.

Its graphics are very, very beautiful.

Game flow and game efficiency are high.

The details and sound effects that sound creates in your ears are great.

I can say that it is the most popular game built on blockchain.

You can invest in the game with crypto money to develop faster, you can get an XP card.

You will need to find rare cards to build a stronger army.

It may sound complicated for beginners, but the more you play, the better you will understand the game.

It is in partnership with Coinbase.

It went down in history as the first Electronic sports built on blockchain.

Purchases with crypto money are made instantly.

You can sell rare cards you purchased.

Payment options should be diversified

Pros & cons

  • It is the first e-sports game built on blockchain
  • Graphics and sound effects are flawless
  • The game is interesting
  • Payment is processed very quickly
  • New users may have difficulties with purchases
  • They charge transaction fees when paying