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Review on Infinite Fleet by José A Rodríguez

Infinite Fleet: A Game Waiting to be Released into the Galaxy of the Marketplace

Infinite Fleet is a cryptocurrency game new in the marketplace that came to it with a long title to know what it really is. Since then it has caught the attention of some users because it is a kind of multiplayer game based on the space where they can play with powerful spaceships, and select different characters, those that I must admit have a great design. However, this is just an offer yet to know since the company provides access to their platform, but the game is still in development it means it has not been released. It has had a long time on that status, and it might be because of low management or investment for the design and maintenance of the game. It has lost something essential, communication through their community to inform of their lasts steps and advances. That is the reason why some players think it will be released neither this year.

As I can see through its content this game promises to be good thanks to that it feels a story but it is a type of story created by the players themselves. Because of its great design, I think it will possible to find the necessary motivation to keep playing on it, and of course receiving rewards, which is one of the essential reasons for playing the game. Moreover, there are lots of things users can do in the game from organising their ecosystem to customize characters and enter the Multi-Player sections.

About is design and providers, the platform counts with great support from leading technology companies that are linked in the main platform to the reach of users. Moreover, it offers a good dashboard illustrating all actions that can be executed in the game. The developers and development team is good at all for their task, while the blockchain publishing network, Exordium, offers the managers and players the option of finding game centred in a great designed model.

The FAQ section of this platform is also good. Personally, it is important to always look up for it because the really essential things that compound the page are explained on it, and from that way, users can keep knowing in advanced how is the company supported, and by whom. On the other hand, this game is going to be released just and only for PCs, there is not any type of confirmation for mobile devices, but for the desktop version, it will be available in different operative systems.

Infinite Fleet is another game still waiting for a long of processes to be available. In my opinion, the design is good at all. It could raise even with good management if the company releases just a short of the game to permit users to try on it and share their emotion. This is something I always consider important for any type of cryptocurrency game yet to be released. To conclude with it, I also think this game could contribute to a better rating in the entire playing ecosystem for the games that conform it. But until now I do not express more any type of preference for it because it is a game waiting to be released in the galaxy of the marketplace.

Pros & cons

  • Good design of characters, spaceships, and gaming resources that compound the game.
  • Great options for multiplayer where they can interact and know a new stage of strategy and battle game with fun.
  • It has been confirmed that is will run with incredible velocity through the web.
  • The platform is updated and completed with all necessary content about the company the game guidance, and the partnered companies.
  • The design of the available network has a great view, and it promises to be even better for the game when it becomes available to play.
  • It is not released yet. It just offers a digital view of its ecosystem that does not guarantee it would be as efficient as it seems.
  • Information about earnings is limited since there is no way of trading their token without playing.
  • The process to release the game seem to be in a stop, and it is possible that this is because of low management and investment.