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GenreTrading cards game

About Mythereum

Mythereum is the first playable trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain. It is similar in some ways to popular games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Hearthstone, but the gameplay is completely original.

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Is it still worth playing?

With my past view point, it was an intriguing game with unique battle mechanics and all around designed cards. Notwithstanding the battle framework, It offers supplemental activities which add an additional layer to the game and permit the player...See full review

Mythereum is graphically blockchain game

Mythereum is a blockchain-based card game that runs on the Ethereum platform's decentralized network, making it safe to play owing to the transparency it provides. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to win very spectacular and substantial prizes...See full review

It can be one of the most fun games to spend your time with.

With my past view factor, it modified into an interesting sport with precise struggle mechanics and all round designed playing playing cards. Notwithstanding the struggle framework, It gives supplemental activities which upload an extra layer to...See full review

It can be one of those rare games that has a lot of fun.

With my beyond view thing, it became an captivating activity with unique struggle mechanics and all spherical designed playing cards. Notwithstanding the struggle framework, It gives supplemental activities which upload an additional layer to the...See full review

safe game and fun game good game Mythereum

Hello everyone. First of all, before you start the game, you want to make sure your ETH wallet is set up. Without this it will be very difficult to enjoy the features and you will not be able to save any development or card! If you are on a mobile...See full review

Easy to play and Fun game Mythereum very good game.

Hello everyone. Mythereum is a great name for this interesting game. This game is one of the fighting games. This game is one of the highest quality games. It is very easy to play this game. There is also money to be made in this game. You have to...See full review

Genuinely stunning game

Mythereum is a game that utilizes blockchain innovation and is executed on the Ethereum stage's decentralized organization, so it is solid to play because of the straightforwardness advertised. Also, we can win truly noteworthy and huge prizes....See full review


In my post today, I will talk about another blockchain game, Mythereum. Mythereum is a based card game as we know it. I can say that the gameplay is quite simple. All you need is to have at least 7 cards. You can start fighting when you...See full review


It is a blockchain project built on the Ethereum network. You try to create a deck by collecting cards in the game. The registration process is very fast and simple. Multiple player system is available. It gives you a free small starter package...See full review

Truly amazing card game

Mythereum is a card game that uses blockchain technology and is executed on the Ethereum platform's decentralized network, so it is reliable to play due to the transparency offered. In addition, we can win really remarkable and significant rewards…See full review

Bringing down it's fee will solve and make it better

This game has been one of my best game because of it's simplicity and earning value Also, the memory consumption has been one of the major factor which I view it as one of the best due to its low consumption and this is greatly enhance with a...See full review