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Review on VIbe Or Die by serdar seyliyev

a game that requires a lot of patience and perseverance

There are many games based on Blockhain. However, while it may not be possible to play all of the games, I can say that this game is addictive for most users. The game may sound very boring at first, but I think you won't be able to stop playing after a certain progression. Anyway, let's take a look at the pros and cons of the game now.

First of all, I must say that we can only play the game with a pc. It's free to download from the VIbe Or Die official site, but it has a very heavy file. It took me 8 hours to download this game. Of course, I think this may be a bit dependent on our internet network. We also need a strong internet to play the game, if our network is not strong, the game may freeze constantly.

After downloading the file, I finished the installation immediately. It took me a while to become a member of the game. I think this problem is due to the lack of language options.

I struggled to start playing, but took advantage of tutorials on VIbe Or Die to learn how to use it instantly.

To be honest, the graphics of the game are amazing. The user feels like they are in the game.

Now I want to talk a little bit about how to play. Each user has its own character, with this character we have to fight other players around the world. If the win is ours, we earn coins as a prize. We can use these coins to improve our character if we want, or to make money by exchanging digital assets. It allows us to trade with many popular tokens such as VIbe or Die ETH, VIbe. We can instantly transfer the assets we have acquired in the game to our wallet. However, there is a small transaction fee, which I don't think will affect users' money much.

In addition, we do not only make money by fighting, it is available in weekly competitions and the winners in these competitions are rewarded with really great mawlas.

My favorite feature of this game is that we can record information about the games we play. In this way, we can make us more careful by correcting the mistakes we make.

Social media accounts of VIbe Or Die game are very active. We can be aware of developments and news instantly.

Finally, my advice to the game's managers is that if you bring the award-winning friend recommendation system within the game, I think the users will increase more. I wish everyone good luck.

Pros & cons

  • vivid and impressive graphics, 3D characters.
  • easy setup.
  • playing with the keyboard in one hand.
  • We can make withdrawals with many cryptocurrencies
  • customer support team and social media accounts provide very fast service.
  • have different game modes
  • mobile version still not available.
  • Downloading takes a long time.
  • Incomprehensible articles may appear while recording.
  • still not very popular.
  • I could not find the friend referral system.