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Review on BitPay USD by Alaaddin Turp

Review on BitPay USD

The translations I got using BitPay USD were good. I've been sabibi many advantages. It is already a company that has gained worldwide fame. There are many reasons why it is used so much. For example, a non-temaz payment option is available and a pin payment option is placed next to it. It does not charge US users a usage fee.

BitPay works with USD VISA. So you can trade from all VISA valid ATMs.

BitPay USD unfortunately keeps the withdrawal limits high, which is a bad feature.

With BitPay USD, you can quickly convert your money to cryptocurrencies, but unfortunately it does not support Bitcoin.

With BitPay USD, you can withdraw any cryptocurrency from any ATM(VISA valid) as Real Money.

I'm happy to use BitPay USD in general, but I'll tell you that it cuts a lot of transaction fees for international money transfers. BitPay USD is actively used in 40 countries. You can send to these countries, but it will reach other countries in time.

Pros & cons

  • Ease of contactless operation
  • High reliability thanks to cooperation with VISA.
  • It is used in about 40 countries.
  • High transaction fees outside U.S. citizens.
  • International transaction fees are high.
Rama Yldrm
January 18, 2021
Please add a new information and make your opinion more clear. Your review is not useful for a new users. I hope when you update the review will be more careful. Anyway thank you dear alaaddin
Kuzey Tekinoğlu
January 02, 2021
Hi BitPay I was impressed by what you wrote about USD. I hope you'll give me more information in your next articles. I'd appreciate it if you'd update your Review to add new information and correct the information you missped. It'd be nice if you added new information in your next review. Thank you for your information.