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Review on BitPay USD by Ufuk Yıldırım

BitPay USD is one of the best crypto card

Hello everyone, today I will tell you about my experience of using the Bitpay USD card.

BitPay USD is a card that I have used for a long time and I am very happy that it has many features and offers me very good features when I want to trade cryptocurrencies. Because of this feature, BitPay USD was a card that I loved very much and I will continue to use it for a long time.

BitPay USD is a Visa-based card and offers its users many transaction features in this aspect.

With BitPay USD, you can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from any ATM, but transaction fees vary at each ATM. For example, it deducts fewer transaction fees from an ATM that is contracted with Visa, but it can deduct very high transaction fees from an ATM that is not contracted with Visa. This varies entirely depending on the type of ATM.

BitPay is contracted with USD Visa and has a very strong infrastructure and is supported in 40 countries.

BitPay USD is a card with many features, for example, you can withdraw your cryptocurrency from the ATM as the currency you want. In addition, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies by sending money to your BitPay USD card from an ATM.

I think BitPay USD is a very nice card and I suggest you use it, but since there are a lot of transfer fees for international currency sending transactions, I suggest you choose your own debit card if you are going to make international transactions.

Pros & cons

  • BitPay is very reliable in my opinion as it is contracted with USD Visa
  • It is valid in 40 countries
  • Withdrawals can be made from all ATMs
  • Transfer fees are very high in international money transfers