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Review on BitPay USD by Uğur Çelik

BitPay USD and Cryptocurrency

BitPay USD and Cryptocurrency

Hi Everyone, In this article, I would like to share my research on BitPay USD card. First of all, we should say that BitPay has been around for a long time in the cryptocurrency world. At this point, we see that it has been integrated with another major exchange, Coinbase, as of last year. There is such a strong company behind the BitPay card. So what does BitPay card do?

In fact, we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that cryptocurrencies are used in the conversion of real money. The reason is that it offers you this opportunity when you want to withdraw the money you have from ATMs. It is a highly innovative initiative.

The second advantage is that it uses the Mastercard infrastructure. If we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies in the future, we have to be open to such attempts. Here, initiatives such as BitPay card and Coinbase Card pave the way for this and make it possible to use cryptocurrencies worldwide.

BitPay USD can be used not only for converting cryptocurrencies into real money, but also for trading cryptocurrencies.

Finally, we need to say that it has an important place in the cryptocurrency world as it is active in more than 40 countries. In the upcoming days, I will continue to update these articles as a result of my new research.

Pros & cons

  • You can use in more then 40 country
  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrency easily and practic
  • I did not see anything yet.