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Review on Shake USD by Özgün A

A card with excellent security measures

The Shake USD card is a 3rd generation card built on blockchains.

With the Shake USD card, you can convert USD to cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency to USD. You pay some transaction fee for this transaction.

You can ask your questions to customer service via live chat. You can also reach by email if you want.

You can request the Shake USD card by entering the website. After you request the Shake USD card, you pay a certain amount to unlock the card. You can use your Shake USD card on your mobile device. Your card will be active after entering the application you downloaded your card interests to your mobile device.

You can make contactless payments with a Shake USD card.

You can withdraw money from ATMs with a Shake USD card.

Shake has collaborated with USD card and VISA. You can shop with Shake USD card wherever VISA card is used.

The personal information you give to Shake USD is stored and protected on blockchains. Security measures are very high.

The Shake USD card requires transaction fees for many transactions, but it is a preferred card due to its advanced security services.

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Pros & cons

  • There is no ATM daily withdrawal limit
  • Very good design
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Fast conversion processes
  • You can only use usd