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Uquid GBP

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 0.00
ATM Fee$ 2.00
Daily Limit$ 150.00
Card CurrencyGBP
Monthly Fee$ 1.00
Overall Fee0.90%

About Uquid GBP

Uniquid is a multi-cryptocurrency USD debit card. It costs £ 9.99 and has a 3% foreign currency conversion cost. Uniquid allows users to top up their cards with many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and even Zcash. Users can also top up their cards with Paysafecard or bank transfers. The card is subject to the standard set of fees such as an annual fee which is currently £ 1 and Domestic ATM withdrawals are £2.

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Uquid GBP; should I get one or not? Read on!

Uquid has two cards generally, the uquid bitcoin card and uquid GBP. The bitcoin card only allows top up with bitcoin and has attracted less attention from users. But the uquid GBP allowing top up with various coins makes it more preferable and...See full review

Uquid GBp Card is good online and offline and is successful in purchasing services.

Uquid usually has two cards, uquid bitcoin card and uquid GBP. The Bitcoin card allows it to be packaged with bitcoin and no longer attracts the attention of customers. An open GBP that allows you to fill different but extraordinary cash makes it...See full review

I haven't used the card yet, but I'm thinking of using it as soon as possible

Plastic and light, colorful, this card supports only GBP as fiat currency. However, while it allows us to trade with many crypto currencies, it also has many features. First of all, to have the card, we only need to order it by entering the website…See full review

Uquid card is a multicurrency cryptocurrency card.

When deciding on the cryptocurrency card to use, there are some features that should be looked out for. A good cryptocurrency card should be multicurrency meaning that you can use it with many Currencies. Uquid card is such a card that can be used...See full review

Uquid GBp Card is capable of purchasing good and services both online and offline.

Uquid GBP card is a multi cryptocurrencies debit card that enable users to too up their mobile device, pay bills and other services with cryptocurrency and Fiat. It was issued both in virtual card and physical format, which can be used to purchase...See full review

Uquid GBP

Uquid GBP is a great debit card option that can be instantly recharged with no minimum amounts, integration with the user's Paypal account, lifetime use at ATMs and POS, low fees make it an effective card for everyday purchases anywhere, and it is...See full review

Uquid GBP is the card linked to various cryptocurrencies.

Uquid GBP is a debit card with an initial cost of £ 10, this card has a monthly fee of £ 1 and a daily limit of £ 150. One of the most striking features of this card is that it has automatic recharge and can be linked with currencies such as...See full review

Uquid GBP

Uquid GBP this is one of the debit cards with many advantages for its users, this card offers services such as being able to buy, pay and transfer with this card without having any problems, also this card manages tokens on its platform to be able...See full review

Uquid GBP.

Uquid GBP is a debit card so that users can spend their digital assets in different stores and businesses, this card offers users to be able to be reloaded from different tokens available such as Zcash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and also from bank...See full review

Uquid GBP.

Uquid GBP is a debit card which accepts a large number of cryptocurrencies available which has a cost of 9.99 Euros, this card offers users the possibility of being able to use them with different available currencies in addition to being...See full review