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Review on Wirex EUR by Mayra Coba

Known and useful cryptocurrency card

Wirex is a company that has been active since 2014, it will provide us with an unforgettable experience with many opportunities that any bank could offer and among them we have the possible conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat money instantly and vice versa, carrying out transactions, money management, etc. In short, we can buy, store and exchange cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies easily, quickly, anywhere and at any time we want. If we want to benefit from its greatest novelty, which is the Wirex Card, we must open an account on its platform. We must download the Wirex application, register and verify our identity, choose our accounts and we can start making payments and benefit from the card. The application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. In any case, we can also access it on your web platform. Wirex operation is simple, we can send cryptocurrency or fiat money to other Wirex users for free, make payments in our local currency or cryptocurrencies, anywhere VISA is used, the exchange between digital currencies and cryptocurrencies is instantaneous and the application offers good rates. The cards are free and we will receive them in a short time at our house. In addition to the plastic card, there is also a virtual card that will be used for Internet transactions.

In general, Wirex Card is one of the most recognized cryptocurrency cards for all its features and benefits that it offers just like a bank, but with the addition of being compatible with crypto assets.

Pros & cons

  • There are no commissions for transactions or exchanges. The application is easy to use and offers several active wallets for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. They offer Bitcon rewards and it is obviously available at all points that accept VISA.
  • Monthly cost of the card.