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CazCoin, which has a native token named CAZ, its an decentralized virtual currency of cazcoin marketplace and ecosystem. Caz coin marketplace is a platform for merchants accepting digital currency, a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world which allows users to purchase or exchange goods using Cazcoin as the currency. Cazcoin makes it easy for everyone to make transactions and is based on a blockchain network. Cazcoin uses ICO to raise funds to build the next e-commerce Giant, and cazcoin has several competitors who are also in the same field as Storiqa $ CAZ is a swapped token from COPICO, it is an awesome project with a high quality Developer. The Cazcoin project is an e-commerce platform launched in June 8th, 2018. Cazcoin is also Staking coins & masternode ... every user will need 50,000 CAZ coins to run the node. #CazCoin is a fork of XCPO / rebranding from Copico before it become Cazcoin .. Cazcoin was available in CoinExchange & CryptoBridgVer reseña completa

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Tigercash coin

Tigercash coin or TCH is a native coin from the CoinTiger platform that has an important function in the survival of the Cointiger exchange ecosystem. Tigercash or TCH was discovered since 2017, November 15th. Tigercash is a decentralized token issued by Cointiger for the benefit of profit sharing / dividends for TCH holders, trading discounts and so on .. Coin Tiger will initially always buy back the TCH token from 50% of the profit earned and burn the TCH until finally only 0.6 billion in circulation supply. But lately there have been a changes to the THC shareholder system and TCH buy back. As reported, the CoinTiger Singapore Foundation holds a TCH coin supply of 12% of the total supply, 30% of the allocation is held by the Cointiger team, 20% is held by private investors, and 50% is for marketing expense, industry development, legal & consulting and so on. The unlock period is also different from starting once every 3 months, per year for up to 8 years. DVer reseña completa

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Cointiger exchange

Cointiger exchange its a platform for crypto currency exchange and In 2017 at the time of the bear market, I began to recognize and use this exchange. The most interesting thing is this platform for me was a coin utility called Tigercashcoin or TCH which enable user to be a shareholder of COINTIGER. At that time cointiger was still using the old domain Cointiger. pro and the customer support, the need for exchange token listings can be done via telegram manually. The admin in telegram community was also very active in answering all questions of customers who have problems. After two years the exchange has grown tremendously and gained its own community as a trusted exchange crypto currency. The exchange was established in Singapore and popular in Korea. Cointiger have 7 language version on their website; ไทย, 한국어, 日本語, Русский, Tiếng Việt, 繁体 中文, 简体 中文 and English. For newcomers in the crypto currency world, there are also tutorials and guidance on using tVer reseña completa

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Paymon review

Paymon project with its $ PMNT token is a blockchain project that has a main product in the form of Paymon Platform and Hive which will be based on DAG, or Directed Acyclic Graph .. Hive platforms will be used as a basis for creating our own smart contracts and features that will be on Hive, including lending platforms, currency exchanges, buying and selling real estate, and many more. The paymon hive will use the PoS system and while HIVE is still under development, the paymon team has stopped doing development and updates to date. Paymon uses proof of me (pom) as its consensus mechanism, Paymon also uses smart contracts and is made with programming language: Rust and solidity, paymon is open source, uses API, and NTRUMLS as enscryption algorithm as well with post quantum algorithm Paymon also use Cross-chain communication mechanism. This Type of cross-chain based decentralized access model also applies in iota, eos and eth which allow blockchains to verify transVer reseña completa

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Xbl token review

Xbl or the billionaire token is a token utility issued by the billionaire team, to be used as a ticket in a decentralized blockchain-based game called the billionaire token game. Xbl is the first token that uses a deflationary algorithm or deflationary mechanism that ensures the amount of coins always decreases from the supply circulation. In 2019 the team has just burned 33% of the TOTAL SUPPLY of Billionaire Tokens (1.6 MILLION). At first I bought XBL on cryptopia exchange and in 2018 the value of XBL had reached thousands of satoshis during its peak season. Difficulties began to emerge when game players had to pay a very expensive ethereum fee to register at the billionaire token games, while the ticket value was cheaper than the value of the fee that had to be paid as gas. Finally the billionaire token games team made improvements and decided to do migration to the EOS network because ethereum Dapps is very slow and costly. But the xbl supporters began toVer reseña completa

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Paycent is a project that I have known since 2018, this project is famous for The Paycent app and its Hybrid wallet. paycent is a financial platform with the ability to exchange digital assets to FIAT that is available globally, in more than 200 countries and 36 million merchants, paycent also has a global mobile e wallet or Hybrid app so you can easily buy cryptos, store, send, receive , manage your digital assets on the paycent app and convert it to fiat again with real time accessibility and real time transfer because the wallet is connected to various top exchanges. There are several cryptocurrency that are accepted in the paycent app. For example Bitcoin (BTC), LEthereum (ETH), VERGE (XVG), XRP, DigiByte (DGB), Dash coins, Verge (XVG), Dragonchain, LTC and Binance Coin (BNB) and I hope more cryptos are accepted here in the future. At present the value of the paycent token (PYN) of the utility token of the paycent has dropped dramatically from its value in 2018 of arouVer reseña completa

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Ten review

Ten tokens are an important part of Tokenomy infrastructure and have real uses Cases. .. Tokenomy itself is a one stop solution platform on the crypto currency market including exchange, margin trading, Launchpad (ICO / IEO) and a platform for tokenisation. Ten is an ERC-20 type token utility that uses Ethereum blockchain. Ten is a token utility for Tokenomy. This time I will discuss the utility or real use cases for TEN tokens 1. TEN tokens are used as the main trading pair on the Tokenomy exchange platform. 2. TEN tokens are used by participants who took part in the ICO on the Tokenomy Launchpad for token purchases 3. As a trading discount for holder of Ten on indodax exchange and Tokenomy exchange 4. And is used to pay proposal fees for individuals, merchants, entrepreneurs who want to issue their own tokens at Tokenomy 5. Used to pay affiliates commission 6. Used for listing fee in Tokenomy 7. Used as a transaction tool on PlayGame, a blockchain-based platVer reseña completa

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Tokenomy is a platform that aims to become the biggest platform for tokenisation. Tokenomy was created and founded by a joint team of indodax exchange (Indonesia's largest crypto currency exchange) and several experts from other fields including the founder of waves platform Sasha Ivanov as the advisor. On the tokenomy platform we can trade, exchange, as well as issuing your own crypto. And for this Niche tokenomy still become the one and only exchange with this capability .. Currently there are several things offered and featured by the Tokenomy platform. 1) TokenomyX - Market derivatives / Leveraged Trading by Tokenomy 2) Tokenomy Exchange - As an exchange or exchange place for crypto currency Project like the major altcoin, and others 3) Launchpad - it is the token offering / token launch on tokenomy platform similar as binance Launchpad but the difference is tokenomy also help the projects from a-z in order to issue the tVer reseña completa

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Etherdelta review.

Etherdelta is an online platform for ethereum based tokens (erc20) and based on ethereum networks. Etherdelta is a decentralized platform provided a marketplace for bringing together buyers and sellers for digital assets without third parties storing the user funds such as centralized exchange. ED is powered by smart contract ethereum in operation. I like decentralized exchange because i don't need to register myself and store data on the website, but etherdelta is not my favorite because the interface is very difficult for inexperience traders and too many scam tokens or scam ICO projects that are only basic to hype trading in this exchange. When trading on etherdelta I often wait hours upto days until my order or bids can be fulfilled in low liquidity projects, but quite fast and easy to trade in etherdelta when it comes to a project that has high liquidity and volume. Apart from that the website doesn't look clean and look messy (poorly designed website, andVer reseña completa

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My idex review!

Idex exchange is a peer to peer or decentralized crypto currency platform. this means idex operates to bring together customers without storing their assets on the exchange as happens in centralized exchanges that store user funds in cold wallets and hot wallets. In idex, users have full control over their own passwords, wallets and transactions so that they are claimed to provide more security and privacy than centralized exchange. Of course this makes me like idex more than centralized exchange because it is most likely to be separated from the possibility of hacks that usually occur in centralized exchanges. Beside that i did not need to wait for withdrawal confirmation and payment of a third party (exchange) because of control over secret keys that are encrypted and only held by my self through an automated process and a number of security protocols. Idex is a decentralized platform for exchanging crypto currencies that has been operating since 2016 and originVer reseña completa

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Today I will review one of the blockchain projects which are forks of zclassic. The ZenCash (ZEN) network is launched in May 23rd 2017 as a hard fork from Zclassic (ZCL), and ZClassic is a fork of privacy-focused ZCash (ZEC). When Zencash is launched, ZEN was issued to ZCL holders at a 1: 1 ratio, So actually ZenCash (ZEN) is a forked from a fork, its not launched by an ICO or IEO. Zencash rebrands to Horizen in 2018. A name that is considered by its CEO to symbolize the platform's capabilities, goals and vision. Horizen still uses the same ticker symbol: $ ZEN and this symbolizes it as a native crypto currency from the horizen platform. So what is Horizen / ZEN? Horizen platform is a decentralized platform that has massive scalability which let anyone to make private or public blockchain, making decentralized applications that have a privacy focus and anonymity (Dapps) And it is a capable platform that will host secure transactions, publishing and Ver reseña completa

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Okb project review

If you are familiar with the crypto currency exchange called okex, then you will be familiar with the okex blockchain project called okb. OKB itself is an economic token that is made on the ethereum network or erc20 token but will be moved to the okchain blockchain network that is being developed by the okex's team. More clearly, OKB is a global token or native token utility from the Ok Blockchain foundation (the company behind Okex)  ..OKB will be moved to OKchain and this migration will take a place in the future after final development. Okchain and okb are important parts of the okex ecosystem infrastructure. Okb has gained a lot of interest from the traders after the OKB Buy-back & Burn scheme. were already around 17,161,709.06 OKB burned. And 700 million unissued tokens have been burned as well So there are currently around 282,838,290.94 OKB in the total circulation of coins in the market. Currently okb is used for OKB spot margin trading against thVer reseña completa

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Okex exchange is a crypto currency exchange market based in Belize and its main operations originate from Hong Kong. Just like other crypto currency exchange platforms such as binance based in Hong Kong. Okex itself has been established since 2014 by a founder named star Xu. I will review the okex exchange in terms of how this platform moves in my country Indonesia and my experience with the exchange. Okex exchange is currently trying to reach more markets from Southeast Asia. .. Okex made several events at the Indonesian blockchain event last year by partnering with the two largest media and blockchain associations in Indonesia, the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI), and the Indonesia Crypto Network (ICN). From the trust score, the okex volume today reached $ 2,290,561,276 it was in second rank after binance and over 5 m visitor in one day. .. The okex exchange feature is complete, with well design website and interface, it is easy to tradVer reseña completa

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The first time I found out about nebulas was in 2018. At that time nebulas had just launched its ICO in 2017 and successfully listed on its first exchange; allcoin exchange. Nebulas is a blockchain project that was discovered by Hitter Xu, he was the inventor of ant shares (now known as NEO) and also the founder of bitsclub. He built nebulas with several other teams who had expertise in the field of blockchain technology. I think Nebulas is another project that we should keep an eye on because of his track record on NEO was a success to build NEO to be one of the greatest project in crypto space. ..What is Nebulas vision? Nebulas wants to build an decentralized incentive mechanism, using NAS or nebulas coins as incentives for user and for developer, and to built a search engine for decentralized applications based on a ranking system, and feedback from the community. With this system, nebula hope to decentralized community governance, and to proVer reseña completa

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Nexty (NTY) is a crypto currency that has been established since 2018 and has a vision to solve crypto problems by providing an instant transfer system and zero fees and transaction processing speeds of up to 2000 transactions per second and 2 seconds instant transfers. Nexty itself is a blockchain platform that offers a new ecosystem model to e-commerce, and start up to raise the funds. Nexty platform can also be used to make Initial coin offering and get investors for project start up, and nexty will use Nty in its platform so that Nty has real uses Cases. The first time I used the mobile wallet, I experienced a problem. the balance does not appear except after waiting for some hours. I was not impressed at all but i can understand that the wallet still under development at that time. We can mine NTY coins by the Proof of Foundation algorithm and Nexty also offers smart staking programs in the form of dividends received from pNtY. I was anVer reseña completa

Logotipo de daps coin

This time I will review one of the sensational projects since 2018! Why sensational? Because at first Daps was a rebrand of Peepscoin or PCN ( it was abandoned by its developers) .. The new Daps team then provides news about swaps process from PCN to Daps and how Daps can be a solution to problems that exist in privacy coins. Daps with PCN ticker, Starting trading at 1 satoshis and reached 17 satoshis within 3 week from the announcement of swaps and about new coins (daps). Then the developer tweeted surprising information about the swap cancellation because the old developer / original developer of Peepcoin still has a very large number of PCN supplies and could get a huge benefits from the swap at 1: 1 ratio, so the team decided to cancel the swap! Wow it was very unprofessional. At that time all i thought was " this is premature project". This announcement resulted in a massive dump occurred on exchange due to panic selling or could be from iVer reseña completa

Logotipo de idax

Idax Exchange! A centralized crypto currency exchange, operating since 2017. Let us discuss one by one my experience using idax and actual facts of idax, I will also discuss why I chose to leave idax before it became an exit scam! Idax is a crypto exchange platform established by individuals that has never appeared to the public or known to exist. This exchange is not known for under any regulator. IDAX claims to be a currency exchange crypto from Mongolia. But apparently after the CEO made an exit scam later it was found to be from China. In Q1 of 2018 I traded an alt coin called NTY / nexty and idax was the only exchange for their crypto currency. The first oddity occurs when idax suddenly removes the nty-btc trading pair without any prior warning and only allows the pair on nty-eth, as well as it caused the dominance of trading volume in nty-eth pairs, This has caused NTY prices to increase more than 300% and as a trader i felt that it is quite strangVer reseña completa

Logotipo de tradove b2bcoin

This time I will discuss a review of a project called tradove. I am an investor from Indonesia who invested $ 18,000 in this platform during the ICO phase. One BBC coin (B2B Coin) was 0.16 USD and currently price of BBC is just 0.000788 USD and i do not know whether I can get ROI or not. Of course in the current condition I experienced a big loss from investing in Tradove. The first reason I invested in tradove was because they already had a Beta version of the b2b business platform that was running smoothly even though it was still in the initial coin offering phase in 2018. Tradove reached $ 52,000,000 from pre-ico and Ico investors. Like revain which already has a review platform bassed on the blockchain and has successfully used REV as compensation for high quality review writers, Tradove is also a start up project engaged in the field of social networking platform, bring together professional buyers and sellers. In this platform sellers and buyersVer reseña completa

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My bithumb review

Bithumb is one of the largest crypto currency exchange platforms in the world that has been established since 2013. That means that bithumb has been in the crypto industry for 7 years. When this review was written, there were around $ 166,016,735 that was traded on this exchange within 24 hours. Bithumb is from South Korea and in 2019, the company behind Bithumb was BTC Korea. launched a global exchange platform called bithumb global to expand the international crypto market. Let's discuss my experience with Bithumb and whether it is safe to use Bithumb as a trading platform choice. Bithumb offers a clean friendly interface. Lack of website; sometimes user experience errors and pop up ads that are quite annoying,In Bithumb there are several trading options namely easy trading, deserved trading and general trading. Bithumb also provides guide tools for beginners and advance features for experience traders and newbies, and if you are inactive for a certain period Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinsbit

The Coinsbit platform is a new platform for the exchange of crypto currencies. This platform is a crypto currency market place which was established in Estonia in 2018. There is something interesting about this exchange that is the owner's data on his website whose authenticity is unknown and the various marketing languages ​​used on his website that sound strange. This exchange claims to have a high performance trading engine platform even though its ability can only process up to 10,000 trades per second. This of course is still inferior to other exchanges. Coinsbit also offers a staking pool, investment box and p2p lending platform where you can borrow and loan out from among the traders.  In my country, this platform is only famous for providing airdrops with the lure of large value estimates to new users who have just registered and passed KYC.  For example, the CNG airdrop casino game token that recently took coinsbit as a partner.Ver reseña completa

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