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Paul M.

Paul Maduagwu

10 nivel
132 reseñas
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Paul M.

Paul Maduagwu

10 nivel
132 reseñas
102.5 karma
I am a graphics artist. Working as a visual creator freelancer for various blockchains and startups.
Graphics artist
Se unió a Sun Jun 28 2020 09:15:16 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de symbol (xym)

The way $XYM SYMBOL has grown in such a short time. Supported by major Exchanges, even listed on Ledger hardware wallet. NEM is doing this marketing thing well and that's a green flag in my opinion. Symbol is going to be the blockchain of business enterprises, enabling seamless transfer of value and data in a secure environment. I read an article by NEM, apparently the Symbol blockchain took over 2 years with rigorous testing (according to them) to create. Though with NEM's track record I can believe that Symbol is going to be something special. Many Exchanges to are getting ready to enable trading for its $XYM coin- immediately after the airdrop too. We might also see investors move from $XEM to $XYM. Overall, I cant wait to see the first set of transaction on the Symbol explorer! Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nem

NEM is its own blockchain which i commend. Its not easy to stand out if a project isnt ERC20. NEM has the ticker "XEM". My favourite feature of NEM is its decentralization, its highly community driven, and the blockhain has low fees for easy transacions. Though NEM has been somewhat dormant, not until the announcement of the SYMBOL $xym airdrop, and activity picked up again. Especially the price picked up as many people naturally bought more NEM to take part in the airdrop. NEM is a powerful blockchain no doubt, and SYMBOL which they have been working on quietly shows the team thinks long term. Build the product and the value will follow. I am excited for the future of the project as they are already announcing some big companies getting ready to support their blockchain. The snapshot happens in two days (12 march 2021), there is also a chance of the price plummeting afterwards in my opinion. Its worth noting, but long term NEM is looking good. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de emirex

Emirex is a pretty good multicryptocurrency Exchange. I like the simple user interface that makes navigating around the Exchange easy. What i don't like though, is that the Exchange seems to be against anonymous users using the exchange as it is highly limited until KYC is verified. Users cannot deposit/withdraw, Buy, sell or trade without the basic verification. The verification is important for any Exchange, but not many users would be comfortable with the extra face capture feature during the identity verification. Emirex supports many coins, like any other Exchange and i like the spot trading interface. I think where Emirex stands out most is in its design and its DeFi features which was a huge surprise at first glance. This exchange is focused on the future and acknowledging that though CEX is important, DeFi cant be ignored. The built in DeFi feature connects beautifully with Metamask allowing users to deposit and earn up to 23% APY on DAI stable coin. Some other Defi features say "Coming soon" as at 19/02/2021. I'm excited to see what comes next and hope i can update my review whenever they are ready.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bluehelix exchange (bhex)

HBTC has an easy to navigate user interface that makes it easy to buy crypto, spot trade and also one of my favorite features, Margin trading. At first glance using a desktop computer feature is clearly displayed on the screen which creates a seamless experience. The Exchange also offers OTC trading but KYC is required for that too, naturally. The Exchange has really a good spot trading interface, easily editable. The trading volume for a few coins seem to be bots, very linear trades but i guess its not always a bad thing and can help speed up spot order completion. HBTC has a good user interface but not the best user experience, especially for new users. But, when you get verified, it is as good as any other top Multi-Cryptocurrency Exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de polonidex

PoloniDEX is a decentralized platform, mainly for exchanging Tron based cryptocurrencies. The platform can be accessed through Tron dedictaed wallets like Tronlink and offers a seamless trading Experience. It has a really easy user interface, that even new users will understand and appreciate. The DEX offers crypto charts and trading info to help make the best trades. The only bottle neck might be the handful of wallets that can connect to a Tron platform such as PoloniDEX. And I wish it had more DeFi features built into it rather than just decentralized Exchange. Overall PoloniDex offers a good user experience and quick way to trade in Tron Tokens at negligible fees.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cake wallet

Cake wallet is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for Monero $XMR. Here only the user can access funds on the wallet. Setup is simple and can be completed in under a minute. All that is required for creating a wallet on Cake is a secure pin and making sure you backup your recovery phrase. One of my favorite feature on the wallet is the option to use dark mode which is what i prefer in most applications. The wallet can be unlocked using pin or biometrics, which makes the experience a bit more seamless. Its a truly anonymous wallet, as no KYC is required, users can create multiple accounts and wallet addresses to boost anonymity. The wallet also has a handy Exchange built in to make quick Exchanges through ChangeNow Exchange provider. Overall the wallet looks good, simple UI and anonymous but there isn't much else that can be done on the wallet. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de xdai

As mentioned in the pro section, xDai is a Layer 2 project built on Ethereum. Its fast transaction speed (5 seconds) and low transaction cost makes it almost perfect for running highly demanding Dapps (Decentralized apps). Though it has its competitors. The token is available on Ethereum, thus is an ERC20 token and can be stored on any Ethereum compatible wallet. Quite a number of dapps are built on xDai and running smoothly as we can see it gets over 20k transactions daily. But its in a competitive market and in my opinion isn't the most effective Layer 2 solution. Its token is doing better than most pricewise though, its worth mentioning that the xDai token $STAKE was very profitable this year. Some layer 2 have already sold their projects due to the competition, Layer 2 technology is growing fast, lets see how long xDai can last. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pakcoin e-wallet

Pakcoin E-walllet is a web wallet that supports only Pakcoin. The wallet has a very simple simple user interface with limited features, with sending and receiving Pakcoin as its main feature. Signing up on the wallet is straight forward, all that's required is a username, Email and password. Though the signup does not work if the wrong password format is used. This is a problem because the signup page does not show the correct format for passwords, and wrong password format leads to a blank page when the sign up button is clicked. It took some trial and error to discover that numbers and letters are required in the password field for successful sign up. Web wallets are unpredictable and I wont advice leaving large funds here. Even the login gives blank pages sometimes. But I like it's feature to generate a new address which helps anonymity, but this wallet collects your email so its not 100% anonymous.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de adaigi

Adaigi is a web based wallet. The wallet has simple UI but not the most beautiful in my opinion. The major use for this wallet is for holding/managing Pakcoin $PAK and for instant conversion to fiat through popular payment methods like Perfect Money. Overall I am not a fan of web wallet, and its a bit strange that Adaigi claims to be decentralized yet requires even home address on signup. Also the requirement of CNIC number that is only applicable to pakistan residents may limit entry of people from other countries into $PAK Pakcoin. Adaigi also provide basic wallet service for $PAK, send, receive, scan QR code for address and easily view $PAK transaction history. Thats pretty much all you can do with the wallet, but its worth noting that web wallets have relatively low safety, I wont advice leaving large funds here for too long.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pakcoin

Pakcoin $PAK is a proof-of-stake project, built on its own blockchain. Some of $PAK main features include quick transactions, low transaction cost and Staking (most of the recent transactions on the Pakcoin Blockchain Explorer are from staking operations). At the time of writing this review its price is hovering around $0.0085 according to Coingeko, no much price movement recently though. Early this year it was announced that PakCoin would be available for trade and transferred on waves Blockchain. $PAK can be transfer to and from Waves blockchain which could prove the developers behind $PAK are still working and doing their best to make the project more efficient.Ver reseña completa

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