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Use Adaigi’s global payment network to receive money via retail, e-commerce and donation from customers anywhere on earth.

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I am sure that Adaigi will be a site that can offer a new payment system.

Adaigi is an international payment system. It is a 100% secure and publicly accessible global payment network that is decentralized without central authority. Adaigi platform is open to the public so whitepaper posted and offers a secure system to…See full review

Adaigi project review

Adaigi This project has been up for the public for some time now, it was introduced in 2018 and said to be based in Pakistan. It is a Blockchain chain based project which focus on becoming a very good payment system. You can use it for various…See full review


Adaigi is a Crypto project focused on the partial organization of digital currency. It provides wallet administration that can be used extensively by business elements by improving the delivery methods of those pieces between the two players. The…See full review

I'm certain that Adaigi will be a site that can offer another installment framework.

Adaigi is a global installment framework. It is a 100% secure and openly available worldwide installment network that is decentralized without focal power. Adaigi stage is available to general society so whitepaper posted and offers a safe…See full review

Adaigi bring in ease of payment to the common man

Adaigi is a Pakistani crypto currency that was Launched to to provide easy and convenient payment gateway for common man. Before now when people hear of crypto currency, they usually think it is something meant only for the educated and never for…See full review

adaigi merchant service

Payment methods for online shopping are now Master Cards and Paypal, but adaigi could be the next generation of payment methods. With Pakcoin's integrated platforms, you can easily buy PAK from an exchange and then invest in Pakstakers and even use…See full review

adaigi project

adaigi is a project for ordinary users of blockchain and crypto world and its target market is most stores and websites that need a payment gateway. adaigi is another project from the developers of the PakCoin project. Adaigi payment gateway…See full review

Adaigi: The blockhain payment system that provides the backbone that PakCoin thrives on

Just when I thought my last review will be the last best thing about PakCoin, I end up getting entangled in a web of series of amazing services that have been put in place to ensure the longevity of the project. Adaigi is a Pakistani blockchain…See full review

One of the growing payment network.

If you are a Pakistani merchant then you can attract new customers to your business with an attractive payment method that will make you stand out against your competitors by using Adaigi (Pakcoin) gateway for your business. Adaigi is a secure…See full review

Adaigi: A Platform Whose Aim Is To Make Cryptocurrency Transactions Easier.

Adaigi Is a cryptocurrency project whose aim is simply to make payments via cryptocurrencies easier. This platform can function anywhere in the world even though it was created for the Pakistanis and only supports one digital currency, the Pakcoin…See full review