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Jelli SpotPlan

The most important thing I like about jellispot is that it has all of my needs covered in one software, which means less time spent searching for tools or information needed to run an ad campaign (or any other marketing initiative). It makes scheduling easier as well. They can do more work with AI but there are so many things they could improve even at this level! Definitely use their platform if your looking into SSP services. We have been able solve our need for purchasing/selling ads through out entire network - we no longer rely solely upon 3rd party platforms when running campaigns across multiple networks. Ver reseña completa

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I love that you can easily find coupons for whatever product or service your looking at! It's easy enough where even my mom could use it without much help from me (she doesn't know how). The only thing i dislike about this app would be if they had more categories of products/services like grocery stores do with their apps as well because then we wouldn’t have so many issues finding what coupon code goes along best wth our purchase - but other than that everything else has been great!! This makes searching through all those different websites way easier since its one place instead of having 5-6 tabs open up trying each website separately.Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about this software is that you can customize it according to your need so that it fits in your brand. I love how easy it is to use. It has a lot of features which makes creating videos and marketing much easier than other software out there. Other than that, their customer support is really bad since they were never available when I needed help. I would highly recommend this product especially if you are looking for more creative ways to promote your business. This software helps me market my services and products effectively. I have been able to reach new customers and grow my business. Ver reseña completa

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JSAUX Braided Ethernet Compatible Monitor

It so happened that all my TVs did not have enough HDMI-HDMI connecting cables. At some point, I even had to remove such a cable from my 4K smart TV and rearrange it to my other TV. I have never sought to buy products with the latest technological advances that have exorbitant prices, but, at the same time, I have always tried to optimize the ratio of functionality / price. In this case, an HDMI-HDMI cable with medium parameters was chosen, on the one hand, fully meeting the needs of our modern television and video equipment, and on the other hand, it had an acceptable price for us. Thus, a sufficiently long life was ensured - for 5-7 years, of the purchased equipment before its moral obsolescence. In addition, prices for more advanced specifications are now almost on par with older versions. The universal cable HDMI-HDMI V2.0b HDR Gold 1.5m, bought in a large retail chain in Moscow, was supposed to fill this gap. He connected the digital output of the Tricolor TV receiver and one of the digital inputs of my 4K smart TV. The HDMI-HDMI V2.0b HDR Gold 1.5m cable is made using modern technologies from high-quality materials for cable cores, its screens and insulation. V2.0b and HDR specifications are supported. The cable is supplied in a plastic blister. The back cover of the blister is fixed with metal clips. The back cover contains the technical characteristics of the cable and the details of the manufacturer and importer. The pins of the HDMI 19M connectors are gold-plated. The wire used is marked on the cable braid. The cable is made very carefully from high quality materials. Works great with my modern devices. I recommend to buy.Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about this product it that you can make money from your website without doing any hard work or spending lots of time to promote websites in other countries which are having low competition like India as there's lot more internet users here than anywhere else! Nothing much for now but if they continue their service will be excellent because most people have no idea what adsense has got them into so far!! You should try out expert mobi first before purchasing anything just go through reviews available online at different forums where experts post information regarding various products/services offered by companies all around world etc.Ver reseña completa

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RTB System

The best thing about this software it's that any advertiser can use, no matter if you are new or expert in digital marketing! It has many features but I have to say its mostly useful when using multiple campaigns at once (like with different keywords). Sometimes some ads don't appear properly so sometimes we need more time than expected until they show up while others never do!! So far i've been able t create several accounts from my companies without having problems although there might be other users who had issues creating them as well because their emails were not verified correctly by Google Adwords team.. Maybe try again? If your looking into getting one then make sure google ad words support will help set everything up right otherwise expect troubles later down line like me haha :D - Creating various types of content- Generating leads/sales through our website.- Optimizing site performance & user experience via A / B testing tools,- Automatically sending targeted email.Ver reseña completa

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It is extremely easy for our team to create surveys and distribute those among our users. The survey creation process takes very little time at all. Even though we are not able to export results into an Excel sheet, our clients can get reports through emails which helps us track user behaviour easily even when they have left the website. I dislike nothing about this product so far! What I like most about miq's products is its simplicity. Creating surveys has never been easier than it is now with miq platform. Our sales team gets daily responses from clients who would otherwise remain unknown to us. Ver reseña completa

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Softsys Infotek Solutions

The customer service is excellent. They are very responsive, always willing to go above and beyond, and are extremely knowledgeable. They have been instrumental in helping us get our business up and running, and they continue to be a great partner even after we've moved on! I would recommend them without any reservations. We used Softsys for their expertise in Salesforce, but we also used them for other work as well. Their team has helped us build out several different projects over the years. Their knowledge and experience in Salesforce is unparalleled, and their ability to understand our needs and implement solutions that fit our vision and budget is second to none. Ver reseña completa

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Converter ABLEWE Composite Supporting Blue Ray

Hello! I ordered this converter for myself on Aliexpress to convert the analog output to HDMI. Since basically modern TVs have only HDMI inputs, it is not possible to connect equipment in which there is no HDMI to them. So I found such a miracle converter on aliexpress that can translate the output from AV tulips to HDMI. The seller's website says you can plug in anything from a camera to a player's blues and get high-definition picture, video comes to life, delivering the sharpest, most realistic HD visuals. I connected this device to 2 TVs of 2016 and 2018, and they did not identify more than one connected equipment through it. At first I thought it was marriage. Then I connected it to the monitor from the computer and a semblance of an image appeared (the whole picture trembles and jumps, disappears and reappears and disappears again). In general, it is impossible to look at it.Ver reseña completa

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The customer support is great and there are many different options for different types of parking structures. There can be some confusion with some functions but it isn't terrible. I really like that you can have multiple different types of buildings in one account. I would recommend looking at several different providers before you decide. We use this software as part of our fleet management program and as an accounting tool. It has helped us keep track of our fleet better than we could have done otherwise.Ver reseña completa

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