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Content Management

Content Management software helps users create, publish and edit various types of content. Some solutions are universal, while other focus on specific types of media. These tools also help users organize multimedia files, access files from the cloud, and search through unstructured data sources. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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Logotipo de knowledgeowl
2 reseñas

Clean, simple and intuitive, KnowledgeOwl takes the complication out of building and maintaining a knowledge base for your customers and employees. No distractions or cumbersome setups - just no-nonsense knowledge base software, ready to improve knowledge retention and customer satisfaction. And if you do need us, our friendly support team are always... Ver más

Logotipo de kipwise
1 revisión

Kipwise is a smart company knowledge management tool that integrates seamlessly with Slack, Google Drive and more, so you can build up your team knowledge base super easily from your daily communication. • The most seamless knowledge management process on Slack Direct Slack sign-in, handy slash commands and Slack actions to create and search for team... Ver más

Logotipo de tettra
1 revisión

Tettra is a simple wiki built for your team to organize and share the knowledge you need to get work done. Tettra was built to be simple, smart, and connected. We have integrations with lots of tools that teams rely on every day, including GSuite, GitHub, Zapier, Wistia, and more. Ver más

Logotipo de macro
1 revisión

Macro helps teams supercharge their manual and repetitive processes. Our powerful checklist allows teams to quickly document processes, assign tasks, track progress, and automate common actions. Ver más

Logotipo de maintainx
1 revisión

MaintainX is a mobile-first work order and procedure platform that allows teams to know what they need to do and how to do it. Here's what we digitize and take away from the clipboard: -Maintenance Work Orders -Safety Procedures -Environmental Checklists -Tooling & Gauge Reporting -Preventative Maintenance Procedures -Auditing/Inspection Workflows... Ver más

Logotipo de method grid
1 revisión

Method Grid, a unique combination of project management AND knowledge management features, enables the collaborative capture, sharing, continuous-improvement and delivery of structured project delivery frameworks, operating procedures and service methodologies. Indeed, any form of repeatable best-practice! The developed grid playbooks serve as both a... Ver más

Logotipo de teamworkiq
1 revisión

TeamworkIQ is the easiest way to manage recurring processes, procedures, and workflows. + Streamline business operations + Make sure things get done right + Increase accountability + Eliminate costly errors Automate processes and workflows in minutes simply by documenting them. Type up who needs to do what and let TeamworkIQ automate the rest. Ver más

Logotipo de directus
1 revisión

Directus is an open-source suite of software for managing content in projects of any size. Instances of the Directus API allow you to easily connect SQL database content anywhere (websites, native apps, wearables, IoT devices, kiosks, etc) while the Directus App allows non-technical users to intuitively manage that content. You can easily install a... Ver más

Logotipo de question2answer
1 revisión

A Q&A site helps your online community to share knowledge. People with questions get the answers they need. The community is enriched by commenting, voting, notifications, points and rankings Ver más

Logotipo de clibu
1 revisión

Clibu lets you collect information in one place, access it from anywhere and share it with whoever you want. When you want to assemble information from various sources, but primarily from content you have found on the Web, you need a means to save it, identify it and easily access it at a later time. This is the beauty of Clibu - forget relying on all... Ver más

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