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Review on BitBay by serdar seyliyev

with more features for poles.

I have not been sharing a review about exchanges for a long time. However, today I will talk about a type of exchange that I have been trying to use and get used to for a few days. First of all, I must say that if there are users who use this exchange in Poland, I think it is much more advantageous than users in other countries.

As I mentioned above, this stock exchange is located in the Polish state. Now, I would like to talk about the positive and negative aspects that affected me in the process I used.

First of all, this exchange has a mobile version. However, the download can take a long time. Because the stock market covers enough storage space on our phone. While registering for the exchange, we can register via e-mail. When we enter it, besides beautiful designs, an easy-to-use interface is waiting for users.

I think it is necessary to check our security settings after logging into the exchange. Thanks to the two-step verification in security options, we can make our application more secure.

I think the amount of cryptocurrency list number is important for users for us to trade on the exchange. However, although popular cryptos are listed on the exchange, I think the number of currencies is small.

One of the things that makes BitBay special is that we can make deposits and withdrawals with debit cards. However, it only accepts Polish currency as wire transfer. This means that users outside of Poland cannot use this feature. I think this situation is a disadvantage. There are also popular currencies such as the dollar and the euro so that we can trade on the stock market. The transactions we do at BitBayda take place instantly. However, I want you to know that the transaction fees are very high.

When we have problems with the stock exchange, if we convey our problems to the customer support team, it makes me sad that they do not answer our questions.

In addition, I think that one of the main reasons that can drive users away from this exchange is that the KYC verification system has been made mandatory.

In short we can use this exchange, but I think there are more developed exchanges available for users outside of Poland.

Pros & cons

  • has a user-friendly interface.
  • processing speed is high.
  • Our assets are protected at the highest level.
  • We can make transactions with the world famous currencies EUR and USD.
  • Deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer are available.
  • mobile application is being developed.
  • Downloading the app is a waste of time.
  • KYC is required.
  • Very advantageous only for Poles.
  • There is little currency.
  • The transaction fee is tiring our pocket.
  • customer service does not respond.