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Review on BitMart by Eunice Olagbadun

Impressive Features From The Bitmart Exchange Platform Except For Their Fees

Ever since I got into the blockchain network, I've been in search for an exchange platform that would suite my trades (in a way that their fees would be affordable and their services top notched). In the course of searching, I came across the Bitmart exchange, all thanks to the Revain platform for revealing the exchange platform to me. I signed up to the exchange platform via the web and really got fascinated. First, I checked out their interface. The Bitmart exchange platform tends to provide an easy-to-navigate interface which has its designs beautifully made. Their interface looks so easy to understand that one can easily recommend the exchange platform to newbies. I went on to check their trading tools. Their trading spot looks beautifully made and they tend to make some advancements in their trading spot. This has made buying and selling of cryptos on their platform easy to execute. The Bitmart also accepts fiats like the USD and EUR which can be used to exchange your Cryptos into it. I tried out their trading facilities by executing a trade and discovered the amount they charge for trading fee. The Bitmart exchange platform charges a flat trading fee of 0.25% (the fee here is applicable to both makers and takers). This trading fee looks a bit high to me as the industry's average is exactly the 0.25%, they also give user a discount of 25% for using their BMX token to pay for trading

Looking closely at the exchange platform, their trading fee is actually worth it due to the numerous security features they possess. They have been able to build up an exchange platform that secures users funds by the use of a cold storage wallet which has more than 97% of their user funds stored in the cold storage. This would sway off hackers and securely protect these funds. The Bitmart exchange platform also allows users to stake their coins. These would serve as aa passive source of income for leaving your funds ideally on their exchange platform. The Bitmart exchange platform has lots of impressive features that is actually enticing to me but their trading fee looks quite exuberant to me, let's just hope they look into it

Pros & cons

  • Their trading r interface is really beautiful and enticing, easy to use and recommended to beginners
  • They store their user funds on a cold storage (more than 90%)
  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and supports fiats also
  • They have their own token, the BMX which cuts 25% of trading fees when used
  • Their trading fees are a bit exuberant and should be worked on