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Review on BitYard by Evgeniy Zaytsev

Another cool crypto exchange, one of the most promising at the moment

Bityard is a young exchange for trading that has appeared on the market relatively recently. The project is at the stage of active development and is only gaining popularity among traders. The service adheres to its main position: "complex contracts - simple trading", which means that the platform provides a simplified trading experience for its users.

Why Bityard?

The bityard cryptocurrency exchange has been operating on the international financial market for a short time, but is already actively attracting new users. The company focuses specifically on an international audience, so the site is presented in several language versions.

A feature of the platform is that it provides an opportunity even for beginners in trading without experience to start trading cryptocurrency almost instantly. The exchange provides an opportunity to trade popular trading pairs. The site itself has a simple and intuitive interface for any user. The exchange website is being updated, traders are offered more comfortable conditions for investment. For example, in the new year, one of the updates touched upon the leverage: 1:125 (BTC contracts), 1:100 (ETH contracts). New contracts are also added.

The trading terminal consists of several sections:

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In order for traders to be able to carry out trading operations at any time and track information about completed transactions, the exchange has developed a mobile application. The application includes all the available functionality of the project. There is both an iOS version and an Android version.

How to exchange cryptocurrency on the platform?

To proceed to the cryptocurrency exchange on the Bityard platform, the client should log into his account and go to the “Trade” tab. Next, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • choose a trading pair for exchange;
  • indicate in the corresponding order the amount of cryptocurrency to be exchanged;
  • click on the appropriate sell or buy button.
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Verification on the Bityard platform

Verification is not a prerequisite for the user to be able to trade cryptocurrency. To confirm their identity, the client needs to log in to the system and go to the profile tab. Next, you need to fill in the following data:

  • select the type of identity document;
  • specify the country;
  • full name;
  • ID number.

After filling in the data, you should upload color photographs or scans of an identity document, as well as take a selfie with a spread of the document in your hands in one hand and a sheet of paper on which “Bityard” will be written and the current date in the other hand.

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In general, the platform is very convenient, and, to me personally, it seems very convenient and modern.

I advise you to compare it with another crypto exchange - Binance.

Updated 3 days ago
Rating has not been changed

New currency pairs have appeared on the platform, which it was high time to add. The list is constantly expanding, which is good news. It seemed to me that the platform has become more stable lately, now I'm thinking of using it more often than before. In general, the interface remains convenient, the innovations are minor, in my experience nothing very cool has appeared.

Pros & cons

  • Modern
  • Comfortable
  • Large selection of currency pairs
  • Not for me
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