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Review on Block Exchange by larei bello

Make your research before your trade here

Block Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that waa launched in Switzerland, this exchange was built on the NEM blockchain which means that transactions here are going to be very fast and easy. Looking at the activities of this exchange, i wouldn't say the exchange is still active. Though registration on this exchange is possible, I won't advise anybody to trade on the exchange. The telegram group was oast active in August 2020 which is a pretty long time from now, the assets traded here are uncommon and they DO NOT involve Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular altcoins. There is no available data concerning the trading volume of the exchange, but trading here is going to be a high risk! The support of this exchange is not responsive as well, users should avoid trading on this exchange in order to prevent inability to withdraw funds in the future

Pros & cons

  • The exchange doesn't have any positive aspect, I didn't trade on it
  • This exchange has an inactive telegram gtoup