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About FCoin

FCoin is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset trading platform that allows traders and investors to confidently trade on any size without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform and the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of its order management system. FCoin is the world?s first transparent digital asset trading platform with assets, and will distribute 80% of the revenue to FT holders on schedule.

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Fcoin exchange

exchanges are important tools to any trader and crypto investor. There is a long list for you to choose from an it is such an exhausting tax to select the best one as each of the exchange offers you…See more

My review about FCoin

Hello to everyone. I will be writing to you today about FCoin. FCoin is a decentralized exchange created in 2018. FCoin had great interest in the early days of its creation, and FCoin's business was…See more

Beware Of Scammers In The Name Of FCoin

TToday, the blockchain network seems to be crowded with many exchange platforms. Most of which offers specific qualities to the traders that use their service. These exchanges platforms seems to…See more

FCoin exchange is out of service

Fcoin was an unregulated crypto to crypto exchange that allows deposits and withdrawals only in virtual currency, it is an exchange from China that was founded in the the year 2018 but shutdown…See more

Fcoin has ended its operation, so sad

Fcoin exchange is another exchange which didnt really last long as an exchange. This exchange was founded in 2018, it is a decentralized exchange. Though there is no much information concerning thus…See more

Fcoin is gone and has ended its services

Gone, gone for good!!! Fcoin exchange was launched in 2018. Unfortunately, the exchange didnt even stay long in the cryptomarket, the exchange was a very promising exchange. The exchange used to…See more


Fcoin this is an exchange platform, in which it allows users to be able to make really fast transactions, thanks to its liquidity for each transaction made, this exchange is one of the most recent…See more


Fcoin this is one of the most recent exchanges launched in the cryptocurrency market, this is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges besides this it offers a very good liquidity for transactions…See more

CoinExchange is a cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinExchange is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform where you can trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and almost every altcoin you can think of, as well as many you haven’t heard of. While…See more

The FCoin exchange is based on a unique business model, in which for each…

The FCoin exchange is based on a unique business model, in which for each transaction the user receives compensation equivalent to the amount of Commission in the form of Their own fcoin-FT tokens…See more