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Exchange with a phase that offers exchange fees

The speed at which events occur on the planet we live in amazes me. The main rationale for this was that half a month before and after an organization existed, weeks after the incident, it no longer existed. Another blockchain trade without help or...See full review

What do you expect from someone other than a person accused of fraud?

The designers of this trade have no help and no relevant information is provided. No contracts have been signed since delivery, and the number of customers is not large. The president's trade in the world is ineffective. I went to this stage using...See full review

CEO Global Exchange, has a bad founder

The creator of CEO Global Exchange was the subject of several rumors. There was a rumor that one of the exchange's founders was reportedly involved in fraudulent activity; I assume the arrest of the co-founder resulted in the suspension of exchange...See full review

They Couldn't Maintain A Good Reputation 🤦🤦

TThere are some platforms that have some past criminal record. This don't seem to be good as it would affect to their reputation and a good reputation is what ensures the success of a company on the blockchain network. This is proven by the fact...See full review

I Never Trusted The CEO Global Exchange Platform

TThe CEO Global is an exchange platform that I got to discover by the numerous post and things I found online about the exchange platform. The CEO Global exchange platform is one that shouldn't be trusted, my reason for making this statement is...See full review

A scam exchange

CEO Global as some traders might know is a digital platform where virtual currency can be bought,sold and exchanged for other virtual tokens or altcoin. The exchange's CEO got arrested for fraudulent acts and due to that reason many of the exchange...See full review

What Else Do You Expect From A Person Accused Of Fraud?

The rate at which things happen in the world we live in seems to surprise me. This is mainly because you hear of a company's existence few weeks ago and then weeks later, they're gone. As I've said earlier, the fall of many companies seems to be...See full review

The founder got arrested;

Exchange is necessary toll for our investment, but when it comes to choosing the best one, it is necessary we make the choice with caution. This Exchange, CEO global is currently not accessible, it is good as being shut down. The exchange has been...See full review

You won't want to trade here

CEO Global exchange had a lot of rumours surrounding the founder. There was a rumour which had it that one of the founders of the exchange was allegedly involved in a fraudulent activity, I guess the arrest of the co-founder led to the suspension...See full review


Trading with a platform that gives excellent profit results and also giving the best transaction fees with good security system for everyone to enjoy, that is the wish of every cryptocurrency Trader. But the fact that an exchange those not support...See full review