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Review on KuCoin by sazada serdaroglu

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I can say that I am very happy to have met this exchange.

I knew the Kucoin exchange before, but I didn't use it much. With the increase in the value of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency since May, I thought about investing and started looking for a safe exchange. Based on some official data, I found the kucoin exchange safe and decided to invest here. To be honest, I made a huge profit in 3 months on this stock market. Because I can say that I got my share of big bonus earnings even for the transactions I made, except for the investments I made here. Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the use of the stock market.

REGISTRATION PHASE: I only spent 3 minutes to register on this platform. Thanks to the security code sent to my phone number and my personal password, I registered instantly. I believed that everything would be easy from now on.

SECURITY PREFERENCES: After logging into the security tab from the settings section above, I activated the 2fa security option for the security of my kucoin account and activated my own personal code and trade code. Now I am ready to deposit money and trade here.

DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWALS: After performing the transactions I mentioned above, it's time to invest in this platform. I deposited cryptocurrency here on a different exchange. My transaction took place in less than 2 minutes. Later, I wanted to trade with the currency I deposited, but the trading section was working very slowly. Sometimes, when I wanted to buy the currency I specified, the page would freeze. I can say that this situation has really affected me negatively. After all, sometimes we need to instantly buy the cryptocurrency we want when it comes to the price we want. For this reason, I can say that I often lost some of my investments.

FEES: I think the withdrawal, deposit and exchange fees on this cryptocurrency exchange are quite affordable. However, the minimum withdrawal amount of some cryptocurrencies seems quite high, as an example I can show the cryptocurrency BNB. However, I always prefer this exchange because the transactions are very fast.

SUPPORT AND HELP: Unfortunately, I cannot say anything positive about this issue. Because sometimes when I have problems in the stock market, even though there is a live support connection, a real person does not help to solve my problems, so I have to constantly communicate with a robot. For this reason, I can say that the stock market sometimes makes me very angry.

INNOVATIONS AND NEWS: Recently, there have been important developments in the stock market, with many new features coming, new competitions and bonus prizes are constantly offered to users. Thanks to these prizes, you have the chance to earn at least more than $50 a month. Of course, this may change depending on your stay active on the stock market and the transactions you make.

OVERVIEW: In general, I like and use the stock market. It is already a stock market that has millions of investors around the world and has gained popularity. For this reason, I recommend the stock market to everyone. But before using some of its complex features, everyone should do their own research.

  • easy registration and login
  • solid security preferences
  • KYC verification is not required.
  • Support for many cryptocurrencies
  • practical operations
  • Bonus winnings
  • live support link is confusing
  • high minimum withdrawal amount
  • some features freeze sometimes

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