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Review on Nominex by Gabriel Medina

Nominex is a successful cryptocurrency exchange in terms of all the features it provides to users

This cryptocurrency exchange is implementing the concept of profitable membership program in the cryptocurrency industry, advanced order types and entertainment. They include bonuses and even tournaments. It is known as the exchange of cryptocurrencies without money or capital.

Nominex has started to gain significant interest from people due to its partnerships and promotions. The exchange will provide users with an easy-to-use environment. The Turkish language is the original of this platform, the design is original, and it has signed endorsement deals that have made it popular in Turkish cryptocurrencies.

The best feature and what I liked the most about Nominex is that we can withdraw up to 3 BTC daily without going through an annoying verification process. In addition, it includes a demo mode in the exchange so that traders can adapt. The interface is undoubtedly easy to use and has relatively low fees.

The affiliate program is advanced and therefore different from other platforms that only rely on the scheme of bringing a friend to receive rewards. The structure it uses will make us think about building a business seriously.

Other features that caught my attention:

  1. The token price of the NMX platform is the same as that of the USDT.
  2. Turkish team and support, we will be able to exchange in that language.
  3. Bonuses to encourage the growth of our income.
  4. Virtual balance to compete and we will also win real money.
  5. The owners of the NMX token will pay ultra-low commissions.
  6. Daily giveaways for winners randomly.

In general, it is the best exchange platform that we can find today and all people should take advantage of all the beneficial features that it is providing, however, you need a community that gives you more support, it may also not be accessible for some countries as well. it might be difficult for beginners to use. You need to include more languages ​​and add the direct withdrawals to Fiat. For my taste, I have loved Nominex and I hope it does not lose its way.

Pros & cons

  • We will not need to go through an annoying KYC process and we will be able to withdraw up to 3 BTC per day. Simple, clean, and easy-to-use user interface as well as significantly quick response technical support. Include a demo mode in your exchange for you to adapt. Commissions are relatively low and withdrawals fast. An affiliate program different from other platforms where we can change our way of thinking respectively about business. Daily bonuses and promotions. NMX token with the same value as USDT.
  • You need a stronger community with support. There are countries where it is not yet available. For beginners who do not know anything about commerce, it will be difficult to use and it is necessary to include languages ​​to attract more users from other countries.