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Review on P2PB2B by Joseph Bello

The Security Features Offered By P2PB2B Exchange

Most of the exchanges I've come across happens to be Asian. I've also discovered that most Asian exchange platforms provides nice services to their users. Well here comes an exchange platform that got my likeness and surprisingly enough, it isn't Asia but European. The P2PB2B exchange platform is its name. It's a crypto exchange platform that accepts both Fiats and cryptocurrencies (a large number of them) and tends to keep users privacy at heart. Amongst all, the exchange platform baffles me with the records they've been able to keep. Not minding how young it is, the exchange platform has never had a single record of any security breach or hack, leaving it with the best reputation an exchange platform can aquire. If not for any other reason aside this, I would believe this exchange platform to give me the best of security feature I would need.

I signed up to the exchange platform recently and got interested especially for the fact that the wallet has been able to utilise it's securityits security features well by remaining free from hacks for more than 2 years now not minding how a bit populated it is. I would be talking about it's security feature first. The cold storage happens to be the most recommended storage type to traders and that happens to be the exact type of storage the exchange platform uses. With this, they have been able to store more than 95% of their users funds safely and beyond the reach of security breachers. In addition to that, the P2PB2B exchange platform supports it's security system with the 2 Factor Authentication, it's a feature I really admire in crypto exchanges and wallets not minding how popular it has become presently. They also block the IP address of their users when making transactions.

The trading fee an exchange platform charges also seems to be known first before using an exchange platform. As for the P2PB2B exchange platform, their trading fee cannot be classified as a competitive one, as they charge a flat trading fee of 0.20%, it can just be classified as an affordable trading fee due to the fact that it's below the industry's average.

Pros & cons

  • The exchange platform accepts both fiats and cryptocurrencies
  • They have their interface in other languages aside English language
  • They tend to be security conscious as they have been able to put up multiple security measures to secure users fund
  • Has a very great processing speed
  • Although their trading fee can't be classified as cheap, it's affordable
  • There's nothing negative about this platform to me yet