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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Description of Stellarterm

The Stellar Decentralized Exchange (DEX) stores the order book on-ledger, settles transactions on-ledger, and has matchmaking built into the protocol. StellarX, the long-awaited exchange based on the Stellar (XLM) protocol, debuted on September 28, offering an immediate fiat option for buying crypto assets.


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Type of review

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Stellarterm: amazingly clear on its things

Wonderful Lumen is a decentralized exchange that causes spikes in blockchain request. With this pattern, StellarTerm's trades and enlistments are accomplished by genuine control of the individuals from the association. In like manner, it is an interface for getting to the Heavenly Organization. While this really makes it something in excess of an advanced money exchange, it resembles some other clearing house.  Exchanging is amazingly favorable to utilize and records are not hard to

  • No additional charges.
  • there are some uncommon tokens
  • There is no record recuperation segment.
  • advancements will before long be outdated
  • incredibly low liquidity
  • conditions are not exceptionally clear

Revainrating 2 out of 5

About Stellarterm.

As for Stellar, Stellar keeps a decentralized trade (DEX) with ebook requests, selects document exchanges, and complies with the conference. StellarX, that is anticipated to be traded in reference to the StellarX (XLM) conference, seemed on September 28 and is stated to have provided a short election to shop for crypto belongings. StellarTerm is Stellar Lumen and one of the critical however outstanding trades that lets in you to change notes in this example. Trade is beneficial and it isn't…

  • No extra expenses.
  • Nothing.

Stellar Holds a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with a book request, selects record exchanges, and complies with the convention. StellarX, which is expected to trade in connection with the StellarX (XLM) convention, appeared on September 28 and offered a quick choice to buy crypto sources. StellarTerm is Stellar Lumen and a key but wonderful trade that allows you to exchange notes in this case. It is useful to use a trade and it is not difficult to open an account. Store or outlay costs are not…

  • there are some rare notes
  • Buying and selling at a work center is not concentrated after you see them work.
  • There are unusual notes in different trades, so someone can keep a big package.
  • the conditions are not very clear

Revainrating 2 out of 5

extremely clear on its items

Heavenly Lumen is a decentralized trade that causes spikes in blockchain demand. With this trend, StellarTerm's exchanges and registrations are achieved by serious control of the members of the organization. Likewise, it is an interface for accessing the Stellar Network. While this actually makes it something more than a digital currency trade, it's like any other clearing house. Trading is extremely advantageous to use and records are not difficult to create. No shop or withdrawal charges are

  • No extra charges.
  • there are some rare tokens
  • There is no record recovery component.
  • innovations will soon be obsolete
  • extremely low liquidity
  • conditions are not very clear

Revainrating 5 out of 5

StellarTerm is an interface for accessing the Stellar Network.

StellarTerm is an interface for accessing the Stellar Network. While this technically makes it something different than a cryptocurrency exchange, it does bare some resemblance to other trading venues. This review will not focus on the principle features and potential of Stellar, but look at the current iteration of StellarTerm, form a trader’s perspective. Some of the technical terms may be oversimplified.

  • Access to the Stellar Network.
  • No additional fees .
  • Not that beginner friendly.
  • No account recovery mechanism.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

StellarTerm for the sake of DEX on Stellar Lumen

StellarTerm is a simple but quite nice exchange that allows the trading of Stellar Lumen and the tokens on this blockchain. The exchange is very convenient to use and accounts are very easy to set up. No deposit or withdrawal fees are required. However, the exchange will not be likely to take off as it is not very advanced

  • - StellarTerm is a decentralized exchange that operates on Stellar Lumen blockchain. By this, StellarTerm's transactions and accounts are secured by the strict verification from the participants of the network. Users will not need to pay for deposits and withdrawals and the transaction fees are what they need to pay
  • - The user interface of the exchange is quite user friendly and it looks very peaceful giving me a calm feelings during the trades. Everything is arranged very well and reasonable making it convenient for trading
  • - The exchange run very well on web browsers; however, there is also desktop app version on both MacOS and Windows. The downloaded app will run a stably good version with no update. All the versions will not send your data and private keys to anywhere and you are the only one who control them
  • - To use the exchange, users just need to log in with their wallet or create a wallet right on the exchange and start to trade. It can be said that this is one of the few exchanges offering this function. Very useful!
  • - Buying and selling on the exchange is not complicated once you can figure out how they work. The orderbooks and the charts are very easy to monitor giving a not so bad experience for users
  • - This project is very transparent about the their product as the source code is publicized on GitHub for further developments and observation
  • - There are some rare tokens that can hardly be found on other exchanges so it is hope for someone holding a big bag of these
  • - The status of the exchange may affect the operation of StellarTerm significantly. Thanks to the nature of Stellar Lumen blockchain, the transaction have always been pushed through very quickly; however, the technologies will soon outdated, and number were born to be gone over. There is no certain evidence that congestion will not happen on the exchange.
  • - The website is not professional enough to serve a the experienced traders as there are not many useful tools they can utilize
  • - The liquidity of this exchange is very low so bid price and ask price are very different from each other
  • - There are a few similar decentralized exchanges that have some competitive advantages to this exchange
  • - Users needs some time to understand the orderbook because the terms on it are not very understandable